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  1. Oy defus, add me on fortnite
  2. Bazinga

    My Mum.

    No one should ever be put through that! Respect <3
  3. What's he up to nowadays?
  4. Name - Noah Mom's name - Why would I say that? Dad's name - Nope, but he's bald Location - train Phone - iPhone (Samsung sucks)
  5. Bazinga

    Surf Combat SL

    Grats, Aqua, water or H20. Idc
  6. That made me sad tbf but atleast you have the balls to say that. Respect dude
  7. that's half true because i'm not a huge fan of it and yes i laugh about certain jokes and i laugh when my brother does something silly edit: i saw on your profile that you are a fan of Idubbz with 'i'm gay'
  8. Mr Jopie is an Admin he should know better #giveJopieawarning jk edit: can't defused or someone put 'your content needs to be approved' thing on old topics?
  9. That's a rare example that I find funny
  10. if you want to be a dickhead or insult someone go to the youtube comment section instead, thank you
  11. Here are some awful answers that i totally didn't steal from others. I give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle Hey girl, are you slime because you make my piston sticky Hey girl did you fall from heaven because so did satan
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