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  1. Oy defus, add me on fortnite
  2. Bazinga

    My Mum.

    No one should ever be put through that! Respect <3
  3. What's he up to nowadays?
  4. Name - Noah Mom's name - Why would I say that? Dad's name - Nope, but he's bald Location - train Phone - iPhone (Samsung sucks)
  5. That made me sad tbf but atleast you have the balls to say that. Respect dude
  6. that's half true because i'm not a huge fan of it and yes i laugh about certain jokes and i laugh when my brother does something silly edit: i saw on your profile that you are a fan of Idubbz with 'i'm gay'
  7. Mr Jopie is an Admin he should know better #giveJopieawarning jk edit: can't defused or someone put 'your content needs to be approved' thing on old topics?
  8. That's a rare example that I find funny
  9. if you want to be a dickhead or insult someone go to the youtube comment section instead, thank you
  10. Here are some awful answers that i totally didn't steal from others. I give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle Hey girl, are you slime because you make my piston sticky Hey girl did you fall from heaven because so did satan
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