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  1. Aqua

    KTAN is back

    I guess we are fucked now?
  2. Aqua

    A problem in my games.

    If his mouse works fine for a while then it likely isn't the polling rate
  3. Aqua

    [CS:GO] Rust Survival mod for your server

    Thanks Sofia mate
  4. Aqua

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    N word in there I think?
  5. Aqua

    Add a word and make a story

    fascination with necro posting
  6. Aqua

    New Server

    thanks admin leader
  7. Aqua


    wow that is a cool meme
  8. Aqua

    The end of ENW

    We got you lol
  9. Aqua

    The end of ENW

    Where is the dislike button
  10. Aqua

    Shit ENW Says

  11. Aqua

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Surf Combat Maps Removed surf_nocturns_monster_fix surf_rocketman_csgo surf_fillory surf_fastspiral_retro_ctgo surf_monastery surf_newb_conqeur_r2 surf_splat_valley_bs surf_sportsarena surf_superk_csgo surf_buzzkill2_csgo2 surf_forrest2 surf_rp06
  12. Aqua

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Surf Combat: Added a plugin to disable the Negev and M249 - (thanks @Galaxy)
  13. Aqua

    Help me

    Instead of posting this long paragraph that includes irrelevant things such as mobile versions of processors maybe it would be better to just link the article you took it from? https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2404674,00.asp
  14. Aqua

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    In the end there isn't really a way to 100% prove who won so I guess not