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  1. KZ Added Maps: kz_prototype kz_correguachin_final kz_wetbricks kz_thinkblock kz_prekeeper skz_bananaysoda_2 kz_longjumps_space kz_bhop_zenith kz_bombu kz_minimal_combo bkz_dontstop kz_baxter kz_fastmap kz_bacho kz_nymph kz_slide_extreme Removed Maps: kz_minimalism (crashes all users on the server)
  2. Beaver

    Vip JoinSounds

    In Game Name: Beaver Steam-ID (64bit): 76561198122924021 Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-cNAcKUr5E&feature=youtu.be&t=26 Time Stamp: At 0:26 when he says "hey"
  3. KZ Maps Added: kz_oloramasa kz_yoink kz_comboya kz_11735 kz_cdr_slash_final kz_cdr_myst kz_smallmap kz_atelectasis kz_morestairs_msq kz_quadrant_fix kz_erratum_v2 Maps Removed: kz_erratum (Lets hope I did it right)
  4. Beaver

    How did you join ENW

    I joined Deathrun and liked the community... and the cancer radiating off the server which eventually lead to it being too contaminated for safe use and shut down. I also liked the community for easy post farming.
  5. weebs are trash Now this is something I can get behind.
  6. Beaver

    Christmas giveaway

    I aint typing that shit, I don't care if it is for a game, that shit aint worth it...
  7. Beaver

    KTAN 11/11/2017

    Even better reason! Also JB, ouch...
  8. always get rid off anime models thankyou
  9. Beaver

    November's Event!

    Lies, I sense lies!
  10. Beaver

    Monthly Events!

    KTAN/KATWN on DR! :P
  11. Beaver


    Bye Mr Roadman may you have many tracksuits.
  12. Can I get physical copys so I can take them to the nearest shooting range and shoot the shit out of them... or just beat them into a pulp with a sledge hammer...
  13. Beaver


    Congratz Defused! Huphop, you gonna delete Rayy's "New & Amazing" meme as well?
  14. Was that MM or just JB?
  15. Beaver


    Gratz and thanks for the +1 now!
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