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  1. think you are on about jb_Voodoo it also has a cell exploit people use but it can be a good map if the CTs are good
  2. PaPa-LaGs

    KTAN is back

    take it staff are not included with the prize
  3. PaPa-LaGs

    The future of ENW

    Maybe something should be added to all the servers information text chat about this so all the players can see that are not on the forums or discord to get them to come vote. Maybe add something like trusted player gives them the ability to mute a mic spammer for like 10mins max if no admins come on been plenty off times I've joined and no admins are there or people have to message them also most people either can not record due to bad pc or like said above are not on the forums. Tabbing out and uploading a video takes a little time also and takes the fun out of playing. Just a suggestion as only trusted players could use. Also bring back GOKU model plesaeeee.
  4. better get in it to win in then ❤️
  5. i know but its still better than that xD
  6. this game is bad anyway this is better https://store.steampowered.com/app/813820/Realm_Royale/
  7. Nah the emoji movie is pretty good tbh xD
  8. That's the fun thing some cts can get a good day but others carnt that's why everyone likes it easy to rebel but not if the cts have good aim every round is different
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