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  1. alright kid you obviously have no idea who i am so i'll go easy on you, hahahah. i've been to iraq over several hundred times and have never had more fear in my heart than the day i got lost in a market seperated from my mother it was a truely soul crushing experience (don't say you wouldn't be twice as scared) however unlike you i took that fear and converted it into power, willpower more specificly; more specificly so the will power fo fighting off terrorists likes you. flashforward to the year 1996 i'm in afghanistan nothing in my hands but the blood of my fallen comprades here's me fucking myself when i see over 1000 terrorists on the horizon ''what a bother'' i mutter and beat them all down hand to hand combat. so now that you know a little bit more about yourself, ask yourself. do you feel lucky... punk? Signed - Michael Jackson
  2. oh no i was really looking forward to seeing your beautiful face on too hot to handle i am writing to you to regret to inform you that you just sadly did not make my day as i dropped my coffee on blades curry and the fish was burnt... sad to say im going to miss bob the fish and really... i regret to inform you that yeah. yours unfaithfully The Bald NonCE
  3. my guy on my team gang shit u lot are gone
  4. Format: Name: Endeavour SteamID: suck ur mum Discord tag: endeavour1592 Age:16 If recommended by an admin(s), post who:blade zeroh yob jamie frezmo randy dylan bagout beaver budgie crukt harold medez razer ruizu Do you have previous admin/moderator experience?: (Please describe any experience you have, if you have any) i was admin on zHypers minecraft server and i am co owner in arqs discord server Have you/will you donate to us?: (Did you ever donate to us in any way?) i bought vip in 2016 Write a brief description about yourself. no Why do you want to be a moderator for our servers? cuz fuck it What server(s) will you be active on? jailbrekak dnd retake Why do you think you would make a good moderator? cuz im good Anything else you wish to add? yes, fuck mikey Scenario Questions Q) You come on the server to reports of someone playing loud music down their microphone. What would you do in this situation? A) fucking sing along Q) Once you have issued a mute/gag, the player asks you to remove it, with the claim its his first time and won't do it again and gets backed up from most of the trusted players on the server, what would you do? A) tell them to stfu or ban Q) You answer a call admin being told that someone is writing racial slurs in chat but no one has a screenshot. What is your response to this? A) join them Q) You join a server and notice one of your fellow admins are abusing their powers, How do you react? A)join them Q) You are playing our Retakes server and you notice a player who is getting some fishy shots, What do you do? A) join them Q) A player on the server is telling people that she is an admin, and she has taken the name of another admin. What is your response to it? A)perm ban Q) Instead of complying with what you said above, she begins to insult you either on the server or through a steam chat. What do you do? A) fuckin dox her Q) You are watching a player that you believe is exploiting the map, but you are unsure as to whether it is an actual exploit or just part of the game. What do you do? A) let them have fun and fucking laugh at them
  5. @Arqtime to pull through u minted gora.. go buy
  6. dystopian, vip in the mix(old 1), ba_jail_bravo
  7. just delete it @TheSmilingChief
  8. Maybe quote the whole sentence and after 8 months + 2 appeals still not accepted and unbanned yet (forget about the random odd 17 bans and 120 silences) on my "endeavour" account i buy a new account , play for a day , then get banned for 8000000mins (15 years) seems a bit harsh for some other people i know did the same thing as me but i dont see them getting permed too? im not trying to argue over my bans im just saying after 8 months and all the "og players" hardly playing anymore , what can i really do to :freekill , cheat , talk shit . no because its boring AF and i recently realized that and that is why i appealed for a 2nd time for my 2nd account @RhysStaff
  9. Ban evading after 8 months+ .... still ban evading but i didnt need to be banned perm again @Dawn
  10. Alt of endeavour - thats what it was for didnt break the rules on the ''Dumbledor" acc @LPS
  11. I aint ever getting unbanned ... 2 accounts banned but the second one is for a retarded reason.. GG have fun peeps!
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