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  1. defused

    New Bhop Server!

    ^^^^ And also downloading a folder with 699 bhop and just dropping it into the server ftp or whatever isn't exactly the best. There is prolly only about 50-100 decent maps. If you actually took your time to find decent maps it would be more ideal. I mean anyone with a brain knows 699 maps is over the top and unnecessary.
  2. defused

    New Bhop Server!

  3. defused


    Can it be fixed? All other server stats are correct right?
  4. defused


    Congrats @Yoblana. But beaver with 1 day connection time to KZ...bit ridiculous lol
  5. defused

    A new start.

    They know he INJECTED CHEATS and still unban haha great owners haha 🙃
  6. defused

    A new start.

    no way ahahahh its over rip
  7. defused

    A new start.

    Please don't unban the cheaters for the sake of everyone on ENW
  8. defused

    The end of ENW

    is he really tho...cmon
  9. defused

    VIP credits refunds

    Just spend them
  10. defused

    ALERT Best ENW memories

    reading posts/comments. debates with bazingha in the shoutbox. fucking about on retakes with everyone. yungezy getting banned. riri getting demoted. admin leading with @Dankhus. hitting 278 or 279 LJ. and finally...enw closing. kappa
  11. defused

    The end of ENW

    It was fun while it lasted, even being Admin Leader was fun surprisingly with all the brain dead players. Ive met some good people and some defiantly dodgy people. (Also thank you to my inside man on the staff team ;))))))
  12. defused

    The future of ENW

    theyve done this before, didnt really work, killed the server
  13. defused

    The future of ENW

    nobody really does anything anymore, only surf combat and jailbreak get updates. literally just keep surf, retakes and jb. but with the ip change happening, its most likely gonna kill retakes and surf
  14. defused

    The future of ENW

    I mean, it’s quite obvious what servers need to stay and which need to be removed. Also not all the players use the forums and can vote. Not exactly fair. CSGO is just going downhill and especially with this IP change, it’s gonna fuck the servers and the player base. Have fun.
  15. defused

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway