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  1. crukt

    Your music?

  2. crukt

    Your music?

  3. crukt

    People of ENW

    Don't make one about me
  4. crukt

    Shit ENW Says

    crukt^: 100 tick is happening budgie Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: yes Budgie.: no crukt^: ye Budgie.: k
  5. crukt

    Shit ENW Says

    smoke blunts pound cunts
  6. crukt

    Your music?

  7. crukt

    Anime sale on steam

  8. crukt

    How can i apply for admin?

    this whole topic is just a mess
  9. crukt

    Your music?

  10. crukt

    Use MM settings

    depends if you want it to be a serious mod or not, if not leave it on.
  11. crukt

    Your music?

    1:01 is heavenly
  12. crukt

    Deathrun or Speedrun?

    That deathrun has a no speed limit in the start zone is utterly fucking ridiculous, ofcourse shit like this would happen. It's not even a mod to have autohop on, and then its combined with a no speed limit it just wont work with the whole basic idea of deathrun. And now you're stuck with a playerbase that likes to fly through maps with pre speeding and any effort to fix that will only be met with resistance from the deathrun players because they're used to it. Probaly any changes to improve the balancement of this server will most likely make it harder for the runners side, hence why no one wants to change a damn thing. In my honest opinion: No pre speed in start zone, cap the velocity, or remove autohop all together if you want a normal and balanced functioning deathrun server
  13. crukt

    Your music?

  14. crukt

    Your music?