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  1. Bhop Combat Fixed Dhooks extension Added RNGFix Added: cs_workout de_bazaar de_biome de_coast de_kaizen de_season de_studio de_santorini de_subzero de_cbble_enw Removed: de_train
  2. Jailbreak & HNS Store Added: Player models: Doom Slayer [CT + VIP] Lightning [T] Harley Quinn [T] Reina Kousaka [T] Deadpool [T] Darth Vader [T + VIP] Thanos [T + VIP] Weapon Models (Knives) Screwdriver Dildo Fidget Spinner Hammer Pickaxe Accessories : Added back Hats & Masks Miscellaneous : Paintball Jailbreak Plugins: Added a fortnite hit like damage system. (Basically shows damage in a text)
  3. Added a matchmaking ranking system based on your Gameme points. Current layout from points looks like this: Silver I - 1000 Silver II - 2000 Silver III - 3000 Silver IV - 4000 Silver Elite - 5000 Silver Elite Master - 6000 Gold Nova I - 7000 Gold Nova II - 8000 Gold Nova III - 9000 Gold Nova IV - 10000 Master Guardian I - 20000 Master Guardian II - 30000 Master Guardian Elite - 40000 Distinguished Master Guardian - 50000 Legendary Eagle - 70000 Legendary Eagle Master - 80000 Supreme Master First Class - 90000 Global Elite - 100000
  4. It already has Jamie, a guy named 'Philip Soubry' was returned too Belgium from Wuhan, he got the virus from there but has not yet seen any symptoms of it for now.
  5. LeonKong

    HnS - Rules

    1. Follow the Global Server rules of ENW 2. No understabs (stabbing someone who is on a block at least a crouchjump above you when you are not on the block) 3. No exploits (this includes glitching jumpstats) 4. Use common sense 5. No loopholes 6. No Body-blocking 7. No Damage-Jumping (jumping off high places and taking damage for an advantage, this applies to both teams) 8. No Funjumping (dont play to get stats) 9. No Hiding, we're playing HnS not HideAndSeek 10. Don't run away from ct's, juke them 11. No Undercamping 12. No Camping
  6. VIP System: Fixed Paypal IPN and changed the email All servers: Added Source sleuth & VPNBlock Added !emotes (Exclusive for VIP's!)
  7. All servers have been moved to the NEW machine! This means new IPs: JailBreak: Surf Combat: Retakes 1: Retakes 2: KZ: Web: Removed landing page temporarily because the CSS was removed (I'll have to create a new soon). For now, it just redirects immediately to the forums. Changed Sourcebans theme to a dark version. Added a player analytics page that will be configured tomorrow. Added Webmin for the new machine.
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