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  1. All servers have been moved to the NEW machine! This means new IPs: JailBreak: Surf Combat: Retakes 1: Retakes 2: KZ: Web: Removed landing page temporarily because the CSS was removed (I'll have to create a new soon). For now, it just redirects immediately to the forums. Changed Sourcebans theme to a dark version. Added a player analytics page that will be configured tomorrow. Added Webmin for the new machine.
  2. LeonKong

    ENW's Revival

    Hi there, It won’t come quite as a shocker but ENW indeed has been sold again, this time it is too Mercy and me. Most of you won’t know Mercy but will know me. Either from my time here in ENW or from any of the other communities I have been apart of. At the moment nothing will change, but some things will and some won’t in the near future. But what I will try to do is get ENW back in its glory like it used too be. It will be a hard couple of weeks/months for not only ENW but me as well. I will try to do my best for you guys. I’m still trying to figure out how some things are working here but it shouldn’t be too hard. I still want to say a thank you and lots of loves to the previous owners and founder. @schwarz @alligator @Kurama
  3. LeonKong

    December 23rd

    looks like a nice sandwich
  4. LeonKong

    My Resignation

    I will fcking miss you 😢 blade next al?
  5. LeonKong

    Lumi's demotion

    He didn't do anything
  6. LeonKong

    fyas birthday

    Thats all? Not even an emoji? F u
  7. LeonKong

    fyas birthday

    Hbd cutie😍😘
  8. LeonKong

    KTAN is back

    Clouds, undertale.
  9. @Woldefi won 4 creds for VIP. @Fya and @PizzaFromWalmart won 2.
  10. +rep, best staff ENW has ever had, like this dude, honestly so amazing would smash

  11. never this is scam, just needed likes, thanks very much winners drawn when my mod trial expires
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