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  1. LeonKong

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

  2. LeonKong

    Vip Tag Suggestion

    If you were being for real: the VIP suggestions sub forum doesn't have a required format. If you were being sarcastic: ignore this comment. If this thread has been moved from normal suggestions to VIP suggestion without my knowledge: ignore this comment.
  3. LeonKong

    Guilty pleasures.

  4. LeonKong

    My Resignation

    I will fcking miss you 😢 blade next al?
  5. LeonKong

    Shit ENW Says

  6. LeonKong

    Lumi's demotion

    He didn't do anything
  7. LeonKong

    fyas birthday

    Thats all? Not even an emoji? F u
  8. LeonKong

    fyas birthday

    Hbd cutie😍😘
  9. LeonKong

    Why i hate Wednesdays

  10. LeonKong

    KTAN is back

    Clouds, undertale.
  11. LeonKong


  12. LeonKong

    Big Lion Giveaway

    @Woldefi won 4 creds for VIP. @Fya and @PizzaFromWalmart won 2.
  13. LeonKong

    Big Lion Giveaway

    never this is scam, just needed likes, thanks very much winners drawn when my mod trial expires
  14. +rep, best staff enw had

  15. +rep, best staff ENW has ever had.