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  1. Don't turn this post in a discussion of which country or region is better, please.
  2. Sure, I'll try to take a look @ it in the eve.
  3. What server(s) are you referring too?
  4. Batmans cape is a bit wack
  5. Hi all, Currently there is a lot of stuff going on between not only staff but members also with the whole thing blowing up in the community. We do still wanna point out that the current thread written by @mEDeZ still counts: But I have written this thread specifically for doxxing. As @mEDeZ already explained; we want Extreme Network to be the best and most friendly community that it can be. But I do want to say some pointers: - Don't share private information about yourself or anyone else (Instagram, Facebook, email, etc..) if it contains any private information about that said person. - In case you do release any private information about yourself on any of our social media platforms & servers, that is entirely upon you. If a player takes a quick screenshot or saves the link and shares it, like I said that is entirely up to you and that certain player will not be banned for it. - We will establish a 0 tolerance of both members and staff about doxxing. Both will be punished accordingly. Please note that you should assume if you share it with a person in a 1 to 1 conversation on (per example) our Discord that it will be seen by the whole community, so for Christ sake be careful on what you share with people and if you do really trust them with your personal information. As in the current day; private information is everything on the internet and can easily be used in a negative way against a person (blackmail). So do really ask yourself - before pressing the enter button and uploading the information to the internet - if you are sure about it. Currently this post looks a lot 1-way, that only you should watch out but that is not the case. Incase a person stumbles on your personal information and decides to share it, even with this being outside of Extreme Network, they will still be banned. This also includes the people participating in the doxxing (actively). Sincerely, The Leadership team
  6. Poll has failed to pass.
  7. 3kliksphilip has amazing tutorials on how to start mapping.
  8. Greetings, Extreme Network! I am very excited to announce that we will be sponsoring a Jailbreak Mapping contest. ENW, along with 10 other communities, have pitched in to host a mapping contest. The mapping contest takes place on Gamebanana. If you're interested in participating, please read below. Rules: Every submission must be a playable Jailbreak level for CS:GO! Entries must be submitted onto the site (GameBanana.com) and tagged as a contest entry before the deadline. Entries must included the banner shown in the description somewhere in the map where it is clearly visible to everybody. If you really don't want to use the banner, you can implement the all the logos/text that are on the banner in another way. Just make sure the logos are still clearly visible. If the entry is uploaded to an external site, it must state that it was created for the CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest. Entries must support up to 64 players in the map to fit all servers. Submitted content must be considered "Original", entries should not be rethemes, version 2's or copies of other jailbreak maps. The submission can use pre-existing assets such as existing models and textures, but enough work should be done to consider the submission a 'new release' made for this competition. Simply re-uploading a previous piece of work will not count. Don't use other people's content in your map without permission due to the fact that you could win money with their content in your map. This includes ported content from other games. Content from official CSGO maps is fine. Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity. Each entrant may only win a maximum of one (1) prize. Team based entries are allowed, but the entrants will have to decide and agree on how to split any prizes awarded. Entries cannot be modified after the deadline except for changes to the submission profile (changing the description, notes or screenshots). Judges cannot enter or assist entrants. Judging: The activities for the prisoners will be important part of the judging, both in the quality of them and the quantity of them. New and well made activities will score well. The design is also a notable part of the judging, so make sure to consider the visual aspects when making your entry. The originality of the map will also be valued. The gameplay should be fun and interesting for both teams. Prizes: 1st Place: $400 2nd Place: $225 3rd Place: $110 4th Place: $85 5th Place: $60 You may join the Discord here -> https://discord.gg/VCrj9pJ The deadline to enter your map is: Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 @ 7:55 PM EST
  9. My dog Cuz he is just adorable
  10. LeonKong


    I mean it would be weird seeing someone dancing without any music. Maybe though the volume could be lowered, I'll check that. Will be done, will also fix VIP music volume. Think these were removed to keep the server load to a minimum. I'll check what we can do.
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