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  1. Netflix

    5v5 Tournament

    A wildling mud hut full of abc's
  2. Netflix

    5v5 Tournament

    Depends where you're going if its students you might be lucky if not it will be dead
  3. Netflix

    5v5 Tournament

    On a Monday night?
  4. Netflix


    Mcgregors rumoured next opponent, a fight between 2 Titans. Zeus vs Poseidon, The Joker vs Batman, Science vs Religion, Man vs Nature... Rumour has it this man killed the entire Junkey Joyce family with his bare hands.
  5. Shan't be long now. How far is your rank going to drop?
  6. Netflix

    5v5 Tournament

    You know, not every team has to be patriotic and rep their own country, hence why us Lobes are from SA
  7. Netflix

    5v5 Tournament

    Team Name: The Lobes Team Country Code: ZA Team Members: Austin Harry - Elder HupHop Netflix - Elder Rumple - Elder If you want to complain about this team we may consider splitting up the troops. The elders, however, will never split.
  8. Netflix

    !ws and !gloves

    Schwarz has said before WS and gloves are too much of a risk to the community, you've seen the posts... Which specific plugins are banned? Valve has not given an official list of banned plugins, and they probably never will, but essentially any plugin that modifies your players’ inventory and / or ranks can get your server banned. Some known banned plugins are !knife and !ws. http://dathost.net/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-valves-plugin-policies/ ENW has already been blacklisted in the past
  9. You an owner now Austin? If the servers that fucked just keep it closed till its fixed, doesn't make any sense since it will be dead anyway and when anyone does join you'll get complaints
  10. Netflix


    I live there come to my place and we can fuck
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