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  1. Hypez

    Your Christmas list

    Ah i like the everyone to have a good time but the the drugs lol
  2. Hypez

    Your Christmas list

    @Blade what do you want for Christmas ?
  3. I do have it im just thinking of others
  4. Hypez


    Okay fair enough
  5. Hypez

    New maps

    Would you be able to add some new maps in and remove the non popular ones maybe and do a vote on what maps should stay and what should go.
  6. Hypez


    Im asking who likes the Tv show the big bang theory.
  7. I think you should create a discord server because not many people have teamspeak and a user like me is always using discord so I think it could be a good idea.
  8. Hypez


    ? I dont get this ?
  9. Yeh this would be cool would we be allowed to have any bot if we ask ?
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