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  1. Thanks for all of these suggestions, unfortunately, I have half of these, and my computer cant run them xD. But I'll keep the ones in mind which were suggested
  2. I'm making this poll to see who likes the AK47 or M4A4 (Excluding the M4A1-S due to it being nerfed and the M4A4 being much more superior.) Obviously, the AK has its ability to one shot head shot people through armor which is a very big feature, but I'd like opinions.
  3. What cheap parts would anyone recommend for my new setup? I currently have quite a bad computer with a low tier AMD Processor and a GPU with 1GB of GDDR4 ram. I don't have the best cooling and I'd like some suggestions.
  4. Of course I know what CS is xD. I just want a game to play while I have nothing to do and my team isn't online.
  5. I'm making this poll to see who likes the two different games better
  6. I'd like some recommendations on games people like and good releases. I have quite a few games but I'd like some more to add to my collections. I would also like some which are fun and playable for many hours.
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