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  1. 25 comeon i deserve it lost a lot of cash in my life
  2. Lotus


    i can come play with you for no charge any player that can give company is surely Invited http://steamcommunity.com/id/OriginalLotus/ gold nova 3
  3. Lotus

    Recent Game played?

    League of legends, CS GO, runescape and Command & Conquer Generals
  4. Lotus

    deagle god

    lol this video doesnt Exists anymore :/
  5. Lotus


    if you wanna play i think i can comeback and play with you just replay to this comment
  6. CSGO for sure even tho there is a lot other great games CS 1.6 so nostalgic
  7. Lotus


    wow i was a big runescape player back in the days had so much money but after eoc i quitted and i play here and there in oldschool my childhood game
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