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  1. The new part really doesn't effect speedrunning, if anything it makes it easier because you no longer have to strafe through the water and risk losing your speed.
  2. FitZ is on a roll! xD Proof that item was received
  3. Giveaway will be drawn in 1 hr --------------------------------------------- Scrap that, I just drew the results THE WINNER IS FitZ_Mário Proof:
  4. Please make at least 5 posts on the forum, its one of the rules
  5. Overwatch is better, but only because of how outdated TF2 is.
  6. How to Enter: Post a number between 1-50, make sure the number hasn't already been chosen Rules: YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 POSTS ON THE FORUM The winner will be drawn in 48hrs or after 50 people have entered. Liking the post is not needed, but highly appreciated. I know its bad but its a free knife right?
  7. Pepsi; It has more flavor than coke.
  8. Its all so much better due to the fact that you're playing minecraft. xD
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