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  1. FitZ is on a roll! xD Proof that item was received
  2. Giveaway will be drawn in 1 hr --------------------------------------------- Scrap that, I just drew the results THE WINNER IS FitZ_Mário Proof:
  3. Please make at least 5 posts on the forum, its one of the rules
  4. Overwatch is better, but only because of how outdated TF2 is.
  5. How to Enter: Post a number between 1-50, make sure the number hasn't already been chosen Rules: YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 POSTS ON THE FORUM The winner will be drawn in 48hrs or after 50 people have entered. Liking the post is not needed, but highly appreciated. I know its bad but its a free knife right?
  6. Pepsi; It has more flavor than coke.
  7. Its all so much better due to the fact that you're playing minecraft. xD
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