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  1. i cant seem to join ct and it says You are currently CT banned. Ask an admin for further details, i have no idea why this happens

  2. There are enough CTs right now! You are currently CT banned. Ask an admin for further details.
  3. i will restart here Why was i banned?: I have no idea or i have frogotten. Why should i be unbanned?: I have been playing for a while (six months) and i am a great ct Which admin banned you?: I have no idea What is the ban length?: I have no idea
  4. I have a request to be unban from ct, i have been banned for no full reason! Please fix this and unban me, thankyou!
  5. richy look u r messing with the server of jailbreak u r freekilling and r being racist and i had weeb and amazing5gug5 and many others as a witness, unfortunately i did not take screen shot of this case, but just recently deadpool banned me.
  6. The jailbreak server admins are banning many people for no reason, for example Richy was being racist and then told an admin (a name which began with pu) which then banned me from ct! And he also muted me!!!! Please fix the admins behaviour witness: Amazing5GUG5 : yes u did
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