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  1. Pride

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Retakes #1 and Retakes #2 Added - Molotovs / incendiaries. (max 1 per team) Added - /ppm - this Displays points per minute for a player, broadcasts to all players, go show it off! (for now, retake 1 only. Will fix it soon so it's on 2 aswell.) EDIT: Changed variable AFK time needed to kick to spectator : 45 sec to 20 sec. Also, please check out the poll for insta defuse.
  2. Pride

    A problem in my games.

    Yeah could be the monitor too. PSU could have an issue with power output towards your pc parts. Because of a restart, the psu get's booted again and an issue might be gone, idk, shit can be weird.
  3. Pride

    A problem in my games.

    This can be microstutter, issue with your PSU or your mouse (be that polling rate, something in the laser etc.) Is your aim smoothened or is it choppy and feels like it tp's a bit?
  4. Pride

    Had to do it!

    can we get a ban? @Joram 😞
  5. Pride

    Galaxy's journey

    Sadly, after talking about it for a while, Galaxy and the Leadership team have decided to part ways, Nothing bad has happened what so ever, but sometimes, nice things just come to an end 😞 We thank @Galaxy for all the work and time he has put into moderating/administrating the servers, but also for his time and effort he has put into being a developer for ENW. Thank you very much for all of your commitment and good luck with your career!! If you think you'll be a good staff member, and if you meet the requirements, please be sure to apply for moderator! - The Leadership Team
  6. Pride

    DENIED Promotion

    Hey all, After receiving Yob's admin application, it was quickly decided that he would be fit for the job! Congratulations to @Yoblana! As always, Extreme Network is looking for players to join our community staff team! - The Leadership Team
  7. Pride

    DENIED Demotion

    Unfortunately we're going to have to let @Skillinzo go as a moderator. Thank you for your work over the last period of time! Keep in mind that ENW is always looking for new staff members to introduce to our team, if you meet the requirements, feel free to apply for moderator! - The Leadership Team
  8. Pride

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    <333 daddy schwarz saves the day
  9. Pride


    NOOOOO 😞 thanks for your time and effort that you've put into ENW, I'm certain that i can say this on behalf of many others, Come back to ENW sometime ❤ Our baguette shall be missed
  10. Pride

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    nooo rip dankhouse 😞 thanks for serving little fella
  11. Pride

    Sniffler's Mod App

    I ALMOST laughed.
  12. Pride


    Gratz @Galaxy
  13. Pride

    My run has come to an end x

    Bye foosed, remember your roots and stick to them (retakes if you didnt get it nub)
  14. Pride

    5v5 tourny 5v5 tournament

    Dear people of ENW, About a year back there was a 5v5 tournament.. and it's coming back! so.. are you willing to play in this tournament? If you're participating please be sure to keep an eye out for event dates and times! Steps on signing up: Join the official ENW discord if you haven't: https://discordapp.com/invite/eWQUn7j Search for the text channel #5v5signup and go into the text channel. Fill in the following format: Team name: Player names: Player steam links(same order as the player names): Make sure to put the steam links in a pastebin. (https://pastebin.com/)