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  1. Joran

    Minecraft Rules

    Global server rules apply to the minecraft server with an addition of a few; Please use the ticket system in our Discord server ( HERE ) To report anyone breaking rules. Please supply a recording or screenshot as evidence. Perma banned in MC is perma banned on CSGO Perma banned on CSGO is perma banned in MC Temp banned players on CSGO can still play MC PVP is allowed everywhere available We would prefer it if Players only hunted staff, but you are free to PVP among each other aswell. No major griefing, do not completely destroy people's houses. No hacking clients No Xray texture packs You can use /sh to set your home, use /h to tp back to it with a 5 second waiting period. This means that abuse of /spawn aswell as combat logging (which both currently are instant) will result in a ban (So, if you're in a pvp scenario, just use /h to make sure it's 5 seconds.) This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If a staff member finds unfitting behavior they will moderate it accordingly.
  2. Dear ENW, Please watch the video at the bottom! Global rules of ENW apply to the Minecraft server Minecraft version 1.14.3 with pre 1.9 Combat (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/oldcombatmechanics) SERVER IP: STAFF LAUNCH FRIDAY JULY 5TH 7PM BST PLAYER LAUNCH FRIDAY JULY 5TH 7:30 PM BST It has been a topic which the whole community had conversed about for a long time, but finally the time has come! Some of the staff team had an idea to start a server; we were thinking to make this a factions server.. or our custom gamemode which would be a lot like the Hunting Optic series which Syndicate and Optic Gaming did about 6 years ago! (Check it out HERE) After a poll on the amount of staff joining us in this adventure we came to the conclusion that we wanted to try our custom gamemode! You may not want to sit through the whole Hunting Optic series, just to see what our custom gamemode is so I will give a short explenation: Gamemode Explanation: Staff will be hunted by the players in a newly generated world with nothing but: - a small spawn - a protected area in the spawn of 128x128 where you will not be able to PVP nor break blocks etc. - and last, but not least: A world border, stretching 2750 blocks in all directions! (From the spawn point 2750 blocks in each direction) - OLD PVP SYSTEM (PRE 1.9) World Border This world border will not become bigger at any time, it's a set amount so hunting the staff team will not take TOO long. Understandably, searching for the staff team in a relatively big area is ofcourse still difficult so we have decided we will be giving out some tips/hints every week; this will most likely consist of some screenshots of our whereabouts (The area near our base location) or perhaps a range of coordinates to close the gap you have to search. After the first week, we could say "Our base lies between the coordinates 1500, 70, 2500 and 800, 70, 2400" this, you will see! Head start for the staff team Staff will get a head-start of 30 minutes, starting Friday July 5th at 7PM BST. Members will then obviously be allowed in at 7:30 PM BST This head start is being put in place so the staff team can get away safely from spawn, as PVP is instantly allowed and no grace period is given. Currently because Alligator is gone, please contact @Ruizu for any Donations / VIP purchases. (straight through paypal) Helper is however still buyable through the regular VIP system, find that HERE Minecraft VIP / VIP kits / Special Kits for sale in the future! There will be some new additions to the VIP shop aswell! There will be kits which can be bought on the VIP Site Keep in mind that we have to manually allow you to use the kit command and thus can take some time. If anyone with access to the FTP server is available, we will make sure you get this as soon as possible! The prices will be fair and will provide you with some nice goodies! Remember that the Kit can be used once every day! The default VIP kit: - Full Iron armour with protection 3 and unbreaking 1 - Iron sword with unbreaking 2 and sharpness 3 - Iron Axe with efficiency 4 and unbreaking 2 - Iron Pickaxe with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 2 - Iron Shovel with efficiency 4 and unbreaking 2 - Iron Hoe with unbreaking 2 - Bow with power 2 unbreaking 2 and infinity Minecraft Helper for sale! There will also be a minecraft Helper role; this role will have partial admin permissions. Comparable with the CSGO Helper rank! By purchasing this rank, you will get Helper on the minecraft server aswell as the Discord for the time you buy it! The permissions you will get: - Kick (Closely monitored for abuse) - Mute/Gag (Chat only) - Ban (Closely monitored for abuse) - Helper Kit (Vip Kit) You will also get a special rank with a nice prefix, suffix and chat colour! (I fixed the square brackets on helper, don't worry fellow OCD peeps) p.s. I couldn't be fucked to pay 60$ to have the license so the vid would have no watermark. This was way easier than doing it with sony vegas (cuz im shit at editing) so deal with it.
  3. Joran


    Welcome, bryce. Enjoy your stay
  4. Joran

    Entertain me

    What music do you listen to? A lot of different music, mainly EDM/American rap but I listen to pretty much everything. What are you doing over your half term? Half what? I'm working full time 🙂 How have you been doing? Good, but I thought you left us until you come back from studying 😞 What's your favorite server on ENW? Discord, just the amount of intellectual conversations which happen over there, they blow my mind. Who's your favorite staff member? Current staff; Zeroh/Blade/Ragnarok Back in the days when you weren't born: Schwarz/Pruppet How's your studying going?
  5. Joran

    Dylan's ban appeal

    You have been unbanned!
  6. Joran

    Unban yob from mc

    You have been unbanned!
  7. Joran

    Vip Tag Suggestion

    There's no format 😉 Also, as Ole said, it is currently only helper + apparently. Owners are looking if they want to do this for vip +
  8. Joran

    Vip Tag Suggestion

    Not quite sure how the code behind Joram's website (the vip site) looks like, but I don't think it's possible to do from ingame. @alligator perhaps you can check upon this? edit: also, nice format Jamie......
  9. Joran

    Shit ENW Says

  10. Joran

    Shit ENW Says

    "I thought plural meant singular" - Outdated
  11. Joran

    VIP Giveaway

  12. Dear players of ENW, The vote is based on 3 days, however the tournament will most likely be finished on the second day, consider the third as an extra day, just to be safe. Be sure to read through all of this post. Important topics arise everywhere and we don't want you to miss any important information. If you have any questions, ping any of the leadership team or myself in the Discord. This post may be updated in the future, please keep tabs on it. 5v5 Sign-ups We are very happy to see the amount of teams signed up so far, we like the enthusiasm shown by the community! If you have not yet signed up, please do so by joining our Discord and check out the channel #tournament-instructions for intructions on how to do so! What server will we be hosting the games on? First of all, we will be playing on TWO ENW hosted servers. We have tested one server which was a great success. The reason for 2 servers is to speed up the process of the Tournament. Here's the server information: Tickrate: 128.0 Region: EU West Map pool: de_dust2, de_mirage, de_cache, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_train, de_overpass Each tournament-round will be a best of one. Only the finals is an exclusion, being a best of three. Tournament Setup What team plays against what team will be randomly generated. We will by no means have any influence on this and this will happen closer to the start date of the tournament. Match Setup ENW Admins will be allowed to setup games. The instructions for this will be distributed to the staff team, this in order to not be dependent on certain staff to handle everything. Match Settings and rules - The Match-Administrator will set-up the match by picking a captain for each team. This will be determined based on a (captain) tag on signup, or if not provided, with the top player in the team (who is also present). - Please follow chat commands as displayed in the in-game chat. This mostly exists of typing ".ready" - In-game, the VETO Map voting will be used. PLEASE NOTE: The map which the captain votes on will be REMOVED, not kept. Vote away maps your team DOESN'T want, so you end up with the map you DO want. - Normal match making times and settings will be enforced. - The team captain has to be available on Discord / Steam at the time of the tournament so we can contact them if necessary. - Initial knife round is ENABLED. The winner will be able to choose whether they stay on the team they're on, or if they want to swap. Commands for this are ".stay" and ".swap" - Best of 30 rounds (first to 16 wins) or win 4-2 in Overtime. - On round end, Damage will be displayed. Damage on death will NOT be shown whilst the round is still being played. - Cheating in any form will get you permanently banned from the community. - Cheating Will also reflect back to your team, they will be disqualified and might also face further punishment if deemed necessary by staff. - We will be using an additional anti-cheat plugin, so we encourage you not to try and push your luck. This is a fun community tournament, not some big thing.Being in any comms other than the dedicated discord channel for your team, will get you banned as well as your team disqualified. - We will make Discord roles for each team, you will have your own voice chat and will not be able to join other teams' channel. - Whilst we have not fully organised the ins and outs of it, by being part of the tournament you explicitly allow us to record and live stream the event. - Our terms of service apply to anything and everything that we do. We advise that you read them before attending the event or renewing your VIP subscription. Pausing abilities: - Each team has the ability to type ".pause" this will make the next round be frozen. Both teams will have to type ".unpause" for the match to be continued. - We will cap the amount of pauses at 2 PER team. making it 4 in total. Overtime rules: In case of a draw after all 30 rounds have been played, an overtime will be played with mp_maxrounds 6 and mp_startmoney 10000. For the start of the overtime teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on, during half-time (after 3 rounds into overtime) sides will be swapped. Teams will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found. (meaning, a team winning with 4-2 in that specific overtime) Donating We are by no means expecting it, but if every member of the team contributed even a tiny amount towards the community, like £1, we would gain a sizable amount of money. Everything we make, from the tournament or otherwise, is always reinvested into Extreme Network. Please consider donating to ENW for the upkeep of the servers as well as prize money for other events. We are pleased to offer you some things in return: - click HERE for VIP Packages - click HERE for Donator roles (Click HERE for an update in regards of the Donator perks and for it's rewards) Please note, VIP and Donator is a different role. Please be careful with choosing what you want Thanks for taking part in this tournament, we're looking forward to hosting it for you! The leadership team (And the pleb retakes SL)
  13. Joran

    VIP Giveaway

    your Steam ID 64 and "zeroh is the best admin leader" below Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, good luck.
  14. Joran

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Retakes 1 & Retakes 2 Removed Aug/Galil/Famas/SG553 happy gaming xo Added Aug and SG553 back to both servers.
  15. Joran


    https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i9-processors/i9-8950hk.html MB it's 8950Hk 😉