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  1. Donk


    Okay, this is epic
  2. Farewell o/ JB Hunger Games > Fortnite
  3. Donk

    Promotions (AL & SL)

    Congrats! #ZerohBestSL
  4. you can but no one would want to watch it
  5. Donk

    How did you join ENW

    I joined jailbreak and I just liked the community
  6. Donk


    I like how so many people have commented “I got” even though Christmas Day hasn’t started for them yet.
  7. Donk

    EWN Christmas giveaway

    what does EWN stand for? weebs are trash
  8. Donk


    congrats you three and goodbye papa o/
  9. No Obama is like the 30 minutes of freedom for the t’s. After hours of oppression from the ct’s, with little to no freedom, the t’s deserve a chance to run free.
  10. once all the buggy special games get removed and people have a good understanding of all the new features I think it will be good
  11. Donk

    100 years ago today

    Good thing the Soviet Union collapsed
  12. Donk

    Guns of Icarus Online

    Noticed that after I posted this, which just shows that not many people notice things posted on shoutbox, and this would get more attention
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