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  1. Blade


    This isn't the bloody ban appeal section
  2. Agreed. We just know Belgium is worst
  3. Blade

    MG and JB KTAN!

    KTAN will be Friday and Saturday! MG maps: Scoutknives, Goldeneye, Swagmultigames. JB maps: Arcade, Undertale, Clouds. Be ready at 8pm UK time to start!
  4. Blade

    MG and JB KTAN!

    IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER KTAN! This weekend there will be 2 nights of KTAN - please vote for your preferred days. For those that weren't here last time, KTAN is essentially players vs staff on one of our servers for 3 maps, this time it's Minigames and Jailbreak! It will consist of staff on one team, and regular players on the other, in a laid back event with the chance of winning some prizes. The winners are decided by the players with the highest score for the 3 maps COMBINED. PRIZES 1st place - 2 Months Global VIP + Discord Nitro Classic Sub 2nd place - 1 month global VIP 3rd place - VIP for 2 servers of your choice. We are also looking for 3 maps to play for each KTAN, please leave suggestion below or message me on discord!
  5. Raheem Sterling is bigger than Liverpool FC
  6. Locking as it seems 2020 members dont know how sentences work โ€œhis mom was shocked say who would unban that guy i know right!!!โ€
  7. Blade


    Got video proof of you meeting a former trial mod and not socially distancing. See you after prison ๐Ÿ‘‹
  8. Bump, I've been asked a few times recently, and yes, this is still valid.
  9. Blade

    sad news

    When's the send then?
  10. Congrats to Splash, EDNC, and Cap on winning Surf Combat VIP. Unfortunately the Bhop Combat event has been postponed until tomorrow (monday) at 8pm. See you there!
  11. Good morning gamers! We have decided to let go of the following staff members: Vertigo, xHarris, Soundz, and Aqua๐Ÿ’” thank you all for your time as staff and you are all still more than welcome on the servers and in the community. Congrats to @OLE on becoming admin again (pls don't take AL off me yet ;)) Congrats to @padhimself on becoming Retakes SL and @Legacyy on becoming Surf Combat SL! With the introduction of our newest two servers, Surf Combat and Bhop Combat, we have decided to host two events over this weekend! Firstly on Surf Combat tonight (Saturday) at 8pm UK time, and another on Bhop Combat tomorrow (Sunday) also at 8pm UK time. The events will last for 3 maps, with the player with the highest score on each map winning 1 months free VIP for that server! Bhop Combat: Surf Combat:
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