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  1. Blade


    Pokemon showdown randoms
  2. Staff hide and have the advantage. and we’re all better 😉
  3. Blade


    Welcome to enw
  4. Blade

    Entertain me

    What music do you listen to? A wide variety, but when I meet new people IRL I say I'm an Arctic Monkeys basic bitch to try fit in and help avoid the conversation. What are you doing over your half term? Trying to find a new job because I'm about to either punch or be punched by my boss How have you been doing? Better What's your favorite server on ENW? Discord Who's your favorite staff member? Me also wtf,
  5. Blade

    Anyone know this guy?

    Picture is older than 90% of ENW playerbase.
  6. Blade

    Josh's Resignation

    Fix bhop
  7. Blade

    Dylan's ban appeal

    You’re getting demoted because of this.
  8. Blade

    Our Combat BHOP Server!

    we're not in GMT anymore
  9. Blade

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Best dev, I never said otherwise 👀
  10. Blade

    FIX Combat surf crash on join

    Have you tried connecting directly from console. And are you sure you’ve got the IP right (sounds dumb but people do it.) If that doesn’t work can you try post a screenshot of what comes up in console before your game crashes?
  11. Blade

    VIP Giveaway

    Facts x im the best AL me>other smelly AL
  12. Lionking/Leonkong has decided that he wants to resign from being an ENW mod for his own reasons, we wish him the best with whatever he does next, and he's always welcome back. Thanks for the time you've been a mod leon, you were pretty decent at it sometimes 😉 We're always looking for new staff, if you meet the requirements and feel that you'd be a good member of the staff team, feel free to apply 😊
  13. Blade

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

    Thanks to everyone who took part in the Surg Combat KTAN, hopefully you all had a fun time for the ~2ish hours that we were playing. cap (again) , xBlubby | Bbno$, and hg are the winners, with xBlubby | Bbno$ having the highest total score! If anyone has any feedback or suggestions on how to make the next KTAN better, or what server/gamemode you want it to be on, please leave a comment below. Cheers 😁