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  1. Blade

    HS2 opinions

    newcastle to manchester and london faster + cheaper pls
  2. Obviously Indian, then Chinese, then Pizza from Abdul (not walmart), then Kebab tied with Chippy.
  3. Air Force 1 with the red swoosh
  4. Blade

    Sale again

    Wb Leon, you were good mod
  5. Blade

    deja vu?

    Welcome (back) to our new owners @Kurama @alligator and enw founder @schwarz! We want to say thank you to the previous owners for their time in charge. @Frezmo has decided to resign @Randyman has become Admin @Jamie has become Mod Please use this thread to welcome the new owners, but also to put forward any ideas for the future that can help improve our community 🎅 edit: also @Ruizu is back as AL 😳
  6. Blade

    SL changes

    @Yoblana has decided to resign as SL and as a staff member. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve given to our community! @Bagout123 is the new KZ SL? Congrats! @Mist got Retakes SL ages ago but was sad he never got a thread about him so congrats Misty!!!
  7. Blade


    Merry Christmas eve eve
  8. Blade

    New Owners

    neutral dk who you are
  9. ty for a fun year @Ruizu @Kurama @alligator
  10. Blade


    Thanks for voting gamers, The KTAN will start at 8pm UK time and we will be playing Clouds, Summer, and Airship (the best map). See you there!
  11. Blade


    ENW END OF SUMMER JB KTAN! - SATURDAY 7th SEPTEMBER After the very epic tourney, we have another community event. For those that weren't here last time, KTAN is essentially players vs staff on one of our servers for an hour or two, this time it's Jailbreak. It will consist of staff on CT and players on T in a laid back event with the chance of winning some prizes. The winners are decided by the player with the highest score for each map. The player with the highest combined score at the end of KTAN will receive 1 month of global VIP. The other 2/3 people who are top of each map will also receive the discord role of KTAN winner until the next KTAN, along with 1 month JB VIP. Please vote in the poll for the time which is best for you, we will be using the most popular option. We are also looking for 3 maps to play for KTAN, what are your suggestions? (thanks to zeroh for the original post that I copied)
  12. So we've got our final line-up of 11 teams, you can see them all in the #tournament-signup channel in our discord (discord.gg/6VTtKF8) BRACKET MATCH TIMES Match 2 6pm Friday Match 1 7pm Friday Match 3 8pm Friday Match 4 9pm Friday Match 5 5pm Saturday Match 6 6pm Saturday Match 7 7pm Saturday Match 8 8pm Saturday Match 9 9pm Saturday Match 11 Sunday - 3rd Place play-off (Time TBD) Match 10 6PM Sunday - FINAL All times are UK time, and will change when the server breaks or people are unable to play. Keep updated in discord as announcements will probably be made there rather than here. Apologies for retarded format but my photoshop skills are the same as my aim. Any issues, message any of the leadership teams in discord. GOOD LUCK 🦀
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