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  1. Blade

    Queen Elizabeth

    No, the Queen is still alive silly
  2. Blade

    Big Lion Giveaway

    right ok
  3. Blade

    Discord weekly competition

    Now this is capitalism.
  4. Blade

    A problem in my games.

    Mouse drivers updated? Is ur mousemat dirty from lots of play or if there something in ur mouse laser’s way.
  5. Blade

    Travis resignation

    :^( ty dev
  6. Blade

    Music is gay

    gay isnt an insult english is best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dQkhKk5Kgk
  7. Blade

    Introduction new developer

  8. Blade

    New Bhop Server!

    It has auto-bhop?
  9. Blade


    @Mr Beaver wishes he was Dankhus gz lads :^)
  10. Blade

    The end of ENW

    Is this enw?
  11. Blade

    The end of ENW

    Thank you for being a good place I could run to in order to avoid revising. Sorry to anyone I was a cunt to - except you Isaac.
  12. Blade


    U no what to do
  13. Blade

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    Mario for AL or we riot
  14. Blade

    Sniffler's Mod App

    You’ll be used to getting -1s then?
  15. Blade


    rip @Skillinzo’s dev rank 1 like = 1 lol