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  1. Ruizu

    Big Lion Giveaway

    Looks less rigged than Iron Kasper and Arq winners on my giveaway.
  2. Ruizu

    Discord weekly competition

    😕 if its not gonna useful I think its gonna be opened for everyone and the prize will be changed
  3. Hello, A new text channel is going to be made on discord called "gifs" and there you post insane gifs of you on one of our servers. For SC/JB/RETAKES you can post insane kills/clutches, and on BHOP/KZ you can post insane hops / long jumps for KZ (if you think you got a clip that can impress us feel free to post it, just if the subject is anything!). Each week a winner that has posted the best gif will be picked by us and its gonna be announced on gif-of-the-week text channel, you can say that its unfair for KZ players as our BHOP server has auto bhop so more sick plays could happen there, but we will take that into consideration that KZ doesnt have auto BHOP (if a gif is recorded on BHOP it has the same chance to win if its recorded on KZ, same with all other servers). The winner will recieve a prize of 2 credits to his VIP account. Each week we can give a you a subject to post gifs on, for example: 360 awp noscopes on SC/KB/RETAKES and backwards BHOP on KZ/BHOP. Here are the rules: 1) In order to participate you ought to have discord VIP! 2) You can post as many gifs as you want to increase your chances of winning (dont spamm plz) 3) Only gifs are allowed to be posted, messaging there isnt allowed (you can add a title to your gif if you want or a comment) so we keep the channel clear of unneeded messages so it will be easier for us to go through the gifs, failing so can result a mute. 4) The gif must be from our servers otherwise it wont be counted. If you have any feedback or anything we should change/improve feel free to post it down!
  4. Ruizu

    A problem in my games.

    AH nvm it happened again 😞 is there a way to test if its the PSU? and btw if its PSU issue wont it affect my fps in game? because my fps isnt affected at all, just the mouse movement.
  5. Ruizu

    A problem in my games.

    I guess it feels like its a bit delayed and like you have low fps, but cant see how its a problem with PSU if it gets fixed with a restart, anyways I swapped my monitor and it works fine till now so I think my monitor was the problem which makes sense
  6. Ruizu

    A problem in my games.

    feels like I have low fps, but I dont, I dont really know how to explain like you feel the difference especially when you flick
  7. Ruizu

    A problem in my games.

    So I have a problem that started a couple of days ago, when I swap off games my mouse goes extremely unsmoothly and to solve this I have to restart my pc everytime (luckily I have a good ssd 🙂 ) and then I can hop from game to game. (btw im not sure if it happens cuz I move on from game to game or cuz my pc stays turned on for a long time, I just noticed it when I swapped off games). Any help of info that could be useful is appreciated.
  8. Ruizu


    EDIT: - Mutes/Gags are changed to 120M [MAX], with this change Helpers can now handle racism cases. - Added a rule: a Helper that got demoted will be able to repurchase the perms a month after the demotion.
  9. Due to the closing of rotating @Ragnarok is demoted to Admin and @Etherexl-18- to Moderator. @Melt has been promoted to Bhop Server leader and @Pride to Retakes Server leader, make us proud 🙂
  10. Ruizu


    EDIT: Added ctban/unctban [MAX 30M] + !isbanned
  11. Ruizu


    As a result of the many issues we have on our servers we decided to act fast and to promote a new Server leader to Surf combat: @Lumi has been promoted to Surf combat Server leader and decided thats its his time to come back to dev role, congrats and GL! As always, we are still looking for more staff members on our servers. If you meet the requirements, feel free to apply. -The Leadership Team.
  12. Hey, Christmas is getting closer and closer and we decided to make a discord logo competition. After the logo is done make sure to pm it to @Zeroh. Voting will commence on 7th December, with all submissions being uploaded without names and voted on by the community. The logo with the most votes will be used as ENW's logo throughout the Christmas period, and the winner will receive one month of Discord VIP. Rules: Pretty much anything goes within your logo, except obvious rule breaks such as racism or NSFW. The logos must be Christmas themed as it's a Christmas competition, and you may put your name in the logo as credits if you wish.
  13. Ruizu

    Lumi's resignation

    Hello, Lumi which known as Galaxy as well has done a lot of things for our servers and helped us develop, but unfortunately due to his busy life including school etc.. he decided to step down from his role as a Dev to Admin. You will always be Welcomed back 🙂
  14. Ruizu

    Give away

    Apparently @Raelity_Vlad turns up to be Jekse and he made this fake giveaway and pretended to be Raelity, sorry for getting you hopes he will be banned for that. I suggest removing the like you made to his post just to punish him.
  15. Ruizu

    Give away