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  1. Ruizu

    New staff members

    Soundz has passed his trial, congrats! As mentioned above new staff members are added: - @xHarris as a Surf Combat moderator. - @zHyper as a moderator on all servers. - @OLE as a moderator on all servers. - @Joram as a developer.
  2. Ruizu

    New staff members

    Hello, Due to the fact that the Leadership team doesn't like the current state of the staff team, we have decided to take a couple of steps in order to make it better. We have decided to give some players that are active and trustworthy trial moderator without an application, we have a couple of players in mind but for now just to test how it goes we are gonna start with only one players which is Soundz on retakes. These new moderators are being guided by me and @Joran and are being taught on how to moderate well. The purpose of it is to make the servers more an enjoyable place with no toxicity and bad behavior by having more staff in it. Probably more players will be added soon and will be updated here.
  3. Ruizu

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    JB VIP: We made (coded) all these plugins that gives now VIP players the ability to choose their chat color and tag by doing these commands: - !chatcolor to choose a color, all the variety of red colors are available only to Helpers and Staff members. - !tag to choose your colorful tag. - !taghelp to get info and an example of how to make the tag and add colors, all the info will be be sent to your console. Tags have been resetted so all of you have to re-enter them. Before players used to still have their tag after the vip expires but now it is fixed.
  4. Ruizu

    Josh's Resignation

    Hello Enw first of all I would like to say you are the first actual community that I have loved and not regretted a single moment. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me when I was going through a tough time and all the banter that we all had. The reason why I'm resigning as I've recently made something I thought woukd be fun but it's turning into a full time thing. I believe for the most part I will mainly miss the jb fun. Also in the time I have been on enw I have made many friends which if they still want to I am happy to still stay in contact with them. I would like to say that zeroh and blade you have made my time on enw fun and annoying but being serious wouldn't of though if any 2 people that could be admin leaders. Finally I would like to direct this message to the owners of enw Ruizu, alligator, Kurama I feel like we have been a little family and you guys supported me so much when I needed time off and I will always think of that time when you all were sending me messages to get well. Finally this is a message to the community of enw, Il be honest a lot of you are annoying but I don't think I would of had as much fun as I have if it wouldn't of been for all of you so thank you so much. Lastly I don't need to fix bhop anymore. I would like to thank @Josh for everything he has done, he always supported us in every possible way, GL in what ever you gonna do in the future ❤️
  5. Ruizu

    Google Home Mini (Chalk) Code

    bruh use the code ur self and send it to me I pay for shipping (if I win) by the way your chances of getting co owner will be increased dramtically if I win.
  6. Ruizu

    Unban yob from mc

    +1 Joran needs to be demoted. Admin leaders when is the final decision????
  7. Ruizu

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    JB Store Removed a bunch of items from each category to decrease the loading time for new players.
  8. Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Tournament we all enjoyed making it and being with you guys! We have had a lot of great and intense matches but we have got our WINNERS: -On first place we got MAD!RS who demolished all their enemies and won 50 dollars in prize money, as well global VIP for a month for each player! Also Discord "Tournament Winners"roles. -On second place we got Alpha Males who maked their way to the finals but unfortunately didn't make it, but they still got Global VIP for each player for a month! -On third place we got Brexiteers who won specific server VIP for each player for a month! Tournament ENW had the most number teams signed up since any ever Tournament ENW had which we are really proud of, we had some issues during this tournament, but we gotta learn from them and avoid from doing them on the next tournament! Thanks to all the staff members who helped me set up the servers and spectate games, of course thanks to @Josh for streaming the games, much appreciated! Again thanks for all the teams who participated in the tournament, if you got knocked up pretty early like my team did 😞 don't worry you will have a chance on the second tournament cya till then ❤️
  9. Hello, Finally we are bringing in the Bracket for the tournament (much thanks to @Joran for making it). We have also made an ENW commercial for the stream so make sure to check it out here: https://youtu.be/GEqyj2vj6U4 Here is the bracket, make sure your team can play in hour and day you got placed on (all the times are on UK time), if any problems occur PM me at Ruizu#3483 If you can not see the Bracket well just right click on it and open it on another tab so you can zoom in.
  10. Hello, So finally we have made our Combat BHOP server you all asked for! @alligator added a lot of good maps, and a store with a variety of models, pets, wings etc.... We have learnt from our mistakes from our BHOP server and added completly different plugins this times! To make sure this server stays alive we will reward the top10 players on the leaderboard after 1 week! Top1 Will get Global Helper perms for 2 months and Draw plugin! Top 2-5 Will get Global Helper perms for 1 month! Top 5-10 Will get Server Helper for the server they want! And of course the IP of our server is: Make sure to join and have fun with us!
  11. Ruizu

    REQUEST Vip suggestion

    We will discuss it
  12. Ruizu

    Rewards of all the donator roles!

    Thank you all for voting, the skins have been selected and being worked on by @Sodahyper. I have made an EDIT and change the rewards of all the donator roles so make sure to check them out!
  13. Thank you everyone for voting, here are the final details: The tournament will be held on 5th-6th-7th of April. 7PM start time UK for Friday. 3PM start time UK for Saturday. Be aware that the deadline of of sign-ups is the 3rd of April so make sure to sign up now!
  14. Ruizu

    irons birthday

    Happy birthday, you should get banned today too