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  1. Ruizu


    EDIT: Added ctban/unctban [MAX 30M] + !isbanned
  2. Ruizu


    As a result of the many issues we have on our servers we decided to act fast and to promote a new Server leader to Surf combat: @Lumi has been promoted to Surf combat Server leader and decided thats its his time to come back to dev role, congrats and GL! As always, we are still looking for more staff members on our servers. If you meet the requirements, feel free to apply. -The Leadership Team.
  3. Hey, Christmas is getting closer and closer and we decided to make a discord logo competition. After the logo is done make sure to pm it to @Zeroh. Voting will commence on 7th December, with all submissions being uploaded without names and voted on by the community. The logo with the most votes will be used as ENW's logo throughout the Christmas period, and the winner will receive one month of Discord VIP. Rules: Pretty much anything goes within your logo, except obvious rule breaks such as racism or NSFW. The logos must be Christmas themed as it's a Christmas competition, and you may put your name in the logo as credits if you wish.
  4. Ruizu

    Lumi's resignation

    Hello, Lumi which known as Galaxy as well has done a lot of things for our servers and helped us develop, but unfortunately due to his busy life including school etc.. he decided to step down from his role as a Dev to Admin. You will always be Welcomed back 🙂
  5. Ruizu

    Give away

    Apparently @Raelity_Vlad turns up to be Jekse and he made this fake giveaway and pretended to be Raelity, sorry for getting you hopes he will be banned for that. I suggest removing the like you made to his post just to punish him.
  6. Ruizu

    Give away

  7. Ruizu

    Give away

    You need steam id 64 guys
  8. Hello, Finally after waiting so long our Rotating Server is out, with a new game mode each 1 / 2 weeks, this time starting off with Deathrun! Since this server includes 4 game modes and requires a lot of work, we have decided to promote 2 Server Leaders, @Ragnarok and @Etherexl-18- so congrats to these two! Make sure to show us your support by purchasing the VIP package which includes a variety of skin player models, auras, trails and a custom vip song chosen by you! IP of the Server: make sure to add it to your favourites! If you spot any bug on the server make sure to report it in using the correct format! After rolling out the numbers randomly we got our 3 winners of Global VIP package! The winners are: 1) Kasper 2) Arq 3) Iron Congrats to these three! Much thanks to @Ragnarok, @Etherexl-18- and @Galaxy for helping out!
  9. Ruizu

    Travis resignation

    Sadly @Travis:DHC: has decided to step down from his role and leave us for his reasons, he always kept updating the servers and kept them fresh, thank you and good luck in the future ❤️ We are always looking for more staff members on the servers, so if you meet the requirements, feel free to apply.
  10. Ruizu

    [CS:GO] Rust Survival mod for your server

    Even if we were intrested in it, we dont have enough money to buy it 😞 Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Ruizu


    This suggestion have been suggested a while ago and we decided to give it a shot, it might be good or bad we will recieve feedback and decide whether to keep it or not. Before I explain everything I want to clear things out, this role is called Helper (you will have a role on discord and forum as well), and the purpose of this role is to moderate the servers more, so any small abuse even just slapping a player for fun can cause a demotion without any warning, purchasing the perms does not make you immuned from getting punishments, if you break the rules you will be punished by other staff members. The benefits of it is that there will be always someone to deal with rule breakers when admins are off, and we will have more money to maintain the servers, plus if you apply for moderator your behavior in this role can help you to get accepted. The price of this perms for one server will be 10 pounds and for all servers 15 pounds (monthly) and with the perms you earn a VIP role for the server you bought the perms on, obviously players can abuse their given powers, but if they do so, all their perms will be removed, and they will lose their money, once you do the payment through VIP page: you will have to PM me so I create for you a SB account, and I will send you a list about in what situations you can use each command in each server, the perms you will have include these commands: 1) Slap player. 2) Slay player (by slapping 100). 3) Gag/Mute/Ungag/Unmute player [MAX 30m]. 4) Beacon player. 5) TP player. 5) Bury/Unbury player. 6) Respawn/Revive. 7) Swap players. 8) Clear Map. 9) Voting commands. 10) /csay to display a message to all players. 11) Private messages to a single player. 12) Ctban/unctban [MAX 30M] + !isbanned
  12. Ruizu


    I agree with this photoshopped^^
  13. Ruizu


    Congratulations to @OLE on becoming an Admin Leader along with Zeroh, mashiro clan is taking control, we look forward to your service! Mashiro Clan owns ENW
  14. Happy Halloween everyone 👻, we made a lot of new changes just for that event!! We added some wonderful skins for Halloween and gave the option for VIPs to choose their joining sound song! Once you die, a ghost spawns instead of you, and we have added a Halloween map for JB! (jb_carceris_hill_v1) Much thanks to @Galaxy and @Travis:DHC: those things could not have been made without these two! We are making a giveaway to all of you guys due to your support to us! we are holding the server thanks to everyone who buys vip/donate so thank you guys for supporting the community, in the giveaway 3 lucky players will have a chance of winning a Global VIP package, in order to participate you need to only like the post and we will roll randomly 3 players GL to everyone 🙂 So you might have heard about our new rotating server coming out soon(in the incoming days). thanks to @OLE for the idea, this server will sadly replace MG, and hopefully each 1/2 weeks one of the game modes voted by you guys will take its place into the server (HG/BR, TTT, DR, Surf course maps) this week starting with DR! thanks to @Ragnarok and @Etherexl-18- for helping us! Hopefully this server gets supported so will keep running it. We would like to hear about any feedbacks you got in mind! 🎃