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  1. Ruizu

    deja vu?

    yo im owner this time I didnt purchase my role I was given it 😂😂😂
  2. @Frezmo, @Jamie and @PaPa-LaGs are the new owners, congrats and GL!
  3. Cant find it, whats ur discord tag I will message you
  4. Exactly 1 year ago we purchased the Owner role to keep the servers alive, we tried our best at doing so and I think we did manage to keep the community alive for nearly a year thanks to you guys and our staff steam, but now @Kurama and @alligator have to go to the army and I need to go to college soon, by now we have lost motivation to keep being owners, and with us being busy in the future it will get even worse, so right now we are looking to sell the whole community, it includes everything: discord, servers, steam group, forums, gameme, all plugins etc.... If you are intrested in buying the community or just to know such more details make sure to approach to me via one of the options below, price will be discussed in pm's. Add me on discord: Ruizu#3483 Add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198276907793/ PM me on forums. It would be better if you post down here that you approached me via one of the options below in case I didn't pay attention. FIRST MONTH OF HOST FREE BTW ITS ON US.
  5. @Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mafia Team have won the FINALS against @O O S P Team 2-0 on BO3 congrats! @O O S P Team had a great run and managed to made it to 2nd place!! And on the third place we got @Deuteronomy 22:5 Team Please all of you pm me on discord in order to claim your price! Much thanks to all participations and viewers for joining us on this tournament and letting us have this great experiment, and thanks to all Leadership members for helping me out arranging this tournament! And of course thanks to @Josh as well for streaming this whole tournament and dedicating a lot of his time to it! As promised this tournament went as smooth as possible with minimum delays so we hope you enjoyed it and cya on the next one!
  6. Match 5 8pm Saturday Match 6 6pm Saturday Match 7 7pm Saturday Match 8 10pm Saturday Match 9 9pm Saturday Match 11 Sunday - 3rd Place play-off (Time TBD) Match 10 6PM Sunday - FINAL
  7. Dear players of ENW, We are getting close to our one year anniversary which is the 13/9 and we would like to celebrate it with you by hosting a Tournament and providing a 25% off in our VIP shop, this discount will be held a month before the tournament until the end of it (dates to be determined), if you already have a VIP subscription active you still should not miss the offer as the time stacks together if you purchase more than one package! In our last tournament, we specified that not being able to play on a date / time assigned wouldn't be an issue, you could simply reschedule it. But, this has caused a lot of issues in said tournament, thus, we will only play on the assigned times which will be voted on in the poll shown above. Make sure to vote for a time-range on this post, the poll is located at the top of this post! (Get your team to vote also, so we have a more representative count) We assure you that this time round, we will check everything before hand; making sure that the servers are ready to be played on. Of course, there still might be some delays, but we do not expect anything major, we will keep it as minimum as possible! Details of the 5v5 tournament! The tournament sign ups will be kicking off NOW, get your team signed up! Check our Discord channel #tournament-instructions on instructions how to sign your team up, and who knows, maybe you walk away with the big prize shown below! Make sure to vote for a tournament date on the poll right on this post! This time around, we will have a better prize pool than previous times, take a look for yourself! - 1st place: 50 pounds in Paypal, making it 10 pounds per player as well as global VIP for a month for each player! Also Discord "tournament winners" roles. - 2nd place: Global VIP for each player for a month! - 3rd place: Specific server VIP for each player for a month! Please note that this prize pool will be funded entirely by the ENW leadership team and the amazing donators of this community. Donations which will exceed our monthly costs will go fully towards additional funding of this tournament. You can support us by donating through our donate BOT in discord (rewards for donators HERE), or by buying perks through our VIP system, remember there is a 25% off for a limited time! Thanks for your support ❤️ The Leadership team!
  8. thats a nice giveaway, next time you get banned make sure to pm me. 83
  9. Ruizu

    New staff members

    Soundz has passed his trial, congrats! As mentioned above new staff members are added: - @xHarris as a Surf Combat moderator. - @zHyper as a moderator on all servers. - @OLE as a moderator on all servers. - @Joram as a developer.
  10. Ruizu

    New staff members

    Hello, Due to the fact that the Leadership team doesn't like the current state of the staff team, we have decided to take a couple of steps in order to make it better. We have decided to give some players that are active and trustworthy trial moderator without an application, we have a couple of players in mind but for now just to test how it goes we are gonna start with only one players which is Soundz on retakes. These new moderators are being guided by me and @Joran and are being taught on how to moderate well. The purpose of it is to make the servers more an enjoyable place with no toxicity and bad behavior by having more staff in it. Probably more players will be added soon and will be updated here.
  11. JB VIP: We made (coded) all these plugins that gives now VIP players the ability to choose their chat color and tag by doing these commands: - !chatcolor to choose a color, all the variety of red colors are available only to Helpers and Staff members. - !tag to choose your colorful tag. - !taghelp to get info and an example of how to make the tag and add colors, all the info will be be sent to your console. Tags have been resetted so all of you have to re-enter them. Before players used to still have their tag after the vip expires but now it is fixed.
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