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  1. Red Bottoms the only way
  2. Mist

    The end of ENW

    They only did this so we didnt get our 5vs5 prizes scam lol
  3. Mist


    Can I get mine I’m v active ty
  4. Mist


    Sad to see you go wish you all the best in whatever you do ❤️ xx
  5. Mist

    Promotions (AL & SL)

    I remember telling zeroh he’s never gonna get mod :/
  6. Mist

    How did you join ENW

    Thought I’d test my macro like Austin on a server and stumbled upon ENW
  7. Mist

    Christmas cheer

    You’re not getting unbanned
  8. Mist

    Shit ENW Says

    Austin’s a different breed of human he’s a fat white boy with curly hair
  9. Mist

    What ranks are u

    MM global Wingman- for shit kids
  10. Mist

    PC Specs

    Toxic ex staff members smh
  11. Mist

    New server

    My bad :( ur still shit
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