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  1. Paladin


    Well this turned around to be an orgy ;))
  2. Paladin


    So Gorillaz have brought out their new album named "HUMANZ" and have also released dates/tickets for their comeback tour. I was just wondering if anyone was going to their tour, specifically the Manchester Arena show as I'm attending myself
  3. Paladin

    merry christmas

    Have a good christmas/hanukkah and new year everyone hope santy claus brings you all the dildos you deserve <3
  4. Paladin

    Your Christmas list

    Airsofting equipment http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/two-tone-airsoft/cyma-cm-501-m4-cqb-ris-airsoft-gun-two-tone-red.htm#.WFMZSVWLSUk
  5. So when you're close to an enemy they can hear you talk but when far away they cannot hear you
  6. Would Proximity mic be a good addition? I saw that the kill feed was removed so thought this would be good as well
  7. same not got to the ending of the book just yet
  8. I'm part way through reading American Sniper then gonna read Lone Survivor, but i don't read any other books (Harry Potter, LOTR, Hunger Games)
  9. No scam i promise but the other day a player on dr said that he'd like to see a jackpot for credits instead of !roll I did say to him that he could post this on the forums but he ignored me so I thought I'd just ask if this was a possible thing or not?
  10. Paladin

    Hedge the Hedgehog

    Arab gets my vote for president of the USA
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