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  1. JBHSplosion


    Congrats bossman
  2. JBHSplosion


    get in my bed
  3. JBHSplosion


    My mate bought two tickets and asked if I wanted to go knowing that I love the Gorillaz. Free tickets lmao, just need to arrange to get there.
  4. JBHSplosion


    Im going to see them in Brighton
  5. If you're saying that giving a free run is ok, then what is the point of having the deathrun server? The point of deathrun is that one player sets off traps to remove players from that round. So, if you're letting every player go through then the whole point of deathrun is defeated and so there will be no need for a deathrun server. Now I know you said it won't be repetitive but how can you make sure of that? Its supposed to be a challenge to get passed the traps and so people will just get bored of deathrun and we will lose a load of players. That's what I see of it anyway. -1 from me
  6. People usually say stuff like this every 2 minutes on deathrun. It's not just one person but it is the majority of the people with a mic. I have to say, Blade has brought up a good point. I see people getting muted, gagged, banned, kicked etc for a tiny thing but they do not get kicked for discrimination. Yeah sometimes they get kicked for it or banned for 30 minutes but they come right back on and repeat it. The sad thing is is that it is going to be a re-occurring thing in not only these few servers but every server. Its how our society is. As cringy as that may sound its true. Yeah you can kick them or ban them for doing it but give it a few more minutes and other people will copy. Once you have kicked them you wont have many people on the server. Probably the ones who cant speak English or don't have a mic. Now, I am not saying that everyone does it, but I am saying that a vast majority do. Now I am not the one to criticize others for their wrongdoings as I will own up to doing some of this stuff too, but I am sure many of you have done this too. I hope you see the point that I am trying to make!
  7. What i meant is, would you have to pay the owners of Snrlax's recommended site to advertise the ENW tournament?
  8. Snrlax would whoever is in charge of this have to pay the website owners for the advertisement? If that makes sense
  9. Once the website is up I can share it around with a few youtubers I know to try and gain more people in the tournament or at least attract more people to the ENW Servers...only if that is ok with you guys!
  10. Is this thing still happening? I am still down for commentating...
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