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  1. It is impossible to bait unless the person who is T has a seizure in his hand and can't click the button. And since the only thing i can do is speedrun because i'm too shit to bait out every trap and still, well have fun
  2. the new update to Deathrun_Princess_boobs_fix5 the 'fix' to the water trap. After playing deathrun for too long i realised that every trap in every map is baitable - meaning you can make the T press the trap without you dying or maybe take a little bit of damage. But with the new so called fix to the water trap that used to give you a boost the new trap in place of the water is now is now some big fucking spiny thing. But with the trap it's the fact that no matter how good you are, you can't bait the trap because the trap is so long it is just a free kill for the T and something that will make synth angry - completely stop speed runs. What i'm asking - i'm not asking for the trap to go back to how it was, simply remove or update the trap that it is possible to either bait / get past before the t can react to it
  3. no Have you ever stuck a highlighter up your ass?
  4. No Have you ever licked a a carrot thinking it was a ice cream?
  5. But i haven't exploited in ages! i'm just saying previously when i would exploit i found it enjoyable because i would be able to finish the map, but now because i am a god at death run and have all the little kids chanting my name i don't need to exploit
  6. But with exploiting some maps just aren't fun, take Castle run for example (not saying which one ) the map itself is just kind of boring, but doing the exploit its a risk and something that could be worth to do, or cost your life that round. But also the exploit is extremely hard to do (i would know) so its not like just enabling no clip and just flying over it actually takes some skill and knowing the exploit
  7. Darkaliber

    Your music?

    This is the best song.....
  8. 19 (pls just gimme knife...)
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