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  1. Joram

    My run has come to an end x

    Really sad to see you go Defused. I hope to see you back soon
  2. Joram

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Jailbreak Added jb_obama_v5_beta Added jb_vipinthemix_csgo
  3. Joram

    Budgie's journey ends

    Hello everyone, Earlier today, Budgie ended up on the KZ Global ban list. After looking at the ban information, and verifying with one of the KZ global admins, it was clear that the ban was obtained while playing on our KZ server, and that it was in fact an injected cheat. Budgie will therefor be demoted from his Admin rank, and permanently banned from the servers. We want to thank Budgie for his (long) service, but the journey at ENW ends here.
  4. Joram

    Shit ENW Says

    Joram is obviously the better name.
  5. Joram

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Sourcebans: Updated to version 1.6.3-PRE-git577. This is a pre-release, and may contain bugs. Adds 'Remember Me' checkbox. CTBans Fixed missing arrow icons Fixed changing page Fixed SteamID lookup Theme Changed background with darker colors
  6. Joram

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Sourcebans 22-01-2018 Added CTBans page Made header background darker Changed logo to text 21-01-2018 Initial release of new theme Updated SourceBans to 1.6.2
  7. Joram

    What's your best pickup line?

    Bazinga: I make shitposts on the ENW forums Girl: *wets her pants*
  8. Joram

    How did you join ENW

    I like how you're 100x more active on the forums now that you're ex staff
  9. Joram

    How did you join ENW

    I joined ENW Gungame on css. Then saw the !hop command and connected to jailbreak. Then I became one of the squaky kids on it
  10. Joram

    DarkRP Launch

    Presents a new take on DarkRP Launching at 9am GMT Sunday 14th January with a massive bonus to gains and lots of chances to win VIP and other fantastic prizes - you can join us by typing: "connect" into console!
  11. Joram

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Forum: Updated to Invision Power 4.2.7 Surf Combat: Added an anticamp plugin
  12. Joram

    DarkRP - Rules

    Presents Table of Contents: Quick Start Guide General Rules Government Rules Criminal Rules Permanent Laws 1. Quick Start Guide Every action you take should be subject to common sense and discretion - if it's something that a reasonable person would expect to be tolerated in an environment designed to allow for fun of everybody involved then there probably isn't an issue. That being said, familiarize yourself with the rules here below if you want to be certain. The use of any kind of bypass to allow lua-based cheating will result in a permanent ban. We are a G.A.C and C.A.C enabled server - don't end up on a global banlist! You do NOT need to /advert raids/mugs/kidnaps - simply initiate them with good roleplay. We recommend that everybody record their gameplay so as to make sure that roleplay cues can't be mistaken. The NLR applies - if you die in an area stay away from that area for 180 seconds (indicator in the top left will remind you). You can return to perform actions unrelated to the scenario related to your death - i.e. if you died because your cocaine lab blew up, just head back. If you died in a raid, stay away from the raid. Cocaine labs are an investment - a fair bit of capital is required, make sure you've got a steady base established before you start. There are a lot of factions in ENW:DarkRP. The Government factions have specific purposes assigned to them - familiarize yourself with them to avoid being banned from the job. 2. General Rules No dedicated hate speech - everybody understands that jokes get made, slip-ups happen and you won't be instantly banned because of that. Repeated, deliberate hate speech designed to attack other players isn't tolerable. Random Death Match is boring, pointless and banned. This includes shooting UNARMED people in ANY (police/criminal) raids. Any form of script-assist be it through run_lua_cl, Expression2 or some other manner yet to be described is prohibited entirely. We employ a number of measures to counter cheats - we subscribe and submit to a number of global ban lists. Don't end up banned from all of your favourite servers. Prop spamming, -killing or -flying is not permitted. You can NOT raid/attack a base while that person is building. If you put up a building sign, you cannot own any contraband/drugs Any E2 used by VIPs must be to assist Roleplay - run fading doors etc. rather than to be abusive. Your VIP can and will be revoked if you aren't following this. You can NOT use one-way props/materials. No fading door abuse - e.g. having a fading door that you press as soon as it's lockpicked to cancel the raiders entering. Don't suicide to avoid roleplay situations - it's a roleplay server, you should enjoy that roleplay. If somebody has a bigger, scarier gun on you then you probably don't want to take the chance of dying. FearRP is important. Vote yes unless you have a reason to vote no - no reason to curb the roleplay. Only demote if you have an actual reason to demote. We fully encourage the use of props to build dedicated bases other than the traditional map's buildings. You must have an RP reason to request a hit. 3. Government Rules The government has a very clear hierachy. Be in contact with/able to contact your superiors. We highly recommend Discord for radio-based communications. Ministerial elections are important - canvassing for votes is useful. You absolutely can intimidate and threaten your rivals - but be warned of the problems that it'll raise. Factions have specific goals and achievements: FBI: Your job is to gather intelligence on big criminals. Blackmarket dealers, coke producers and those planning heists. You should enlist SWAT support when acting on that information. Military: To respond to severe terrorist incidents when they occur and Federal Reserve/bank heists. S.W.A.T: Tactical response team, your job is to be ready to roll out when the big crimes take place - heists/raids. You should join the FBI/Police on their raids. Police: Patrol the streets, keep an eye out for trouble and report it to your law-enforcement counterparts. Secret Service: Protect the Prime Minister. He's probably going to want to establish his office somewhere nice, it's your job to make sure nobody changes the paint colour to red. Always be wary of using force - firing your weapons should be a last resort. Prime Minister - you lose your job when you die. Value your life above all else. You cannot own any contraband/drugs 4. Criminal Rules Raiding other homes/bases is something that you should do sparingly - give it at least 10 minutes between completing raids on a base before starting again. You will find Hotel Managers useful if you want a hideout after a grand heist. Establish your gang using /gang - don't abuse it. Use gang chat for text-based communications (/ga <message>), not for anything else. 5. Permanent Laws Weapons are only permitted with a gun license! Contraband/drugs are not permitted.
  13. Joram

    Surf Combat V2.0

    Fyi: I tried adding !redie. Problem: You can pick up weapons, and you get to keep them next round.
  14. Joram

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Surf Combat: Blocking +left and +right binds at 700 units/s
  15. Joram

    Surf Combat V3.0

    47 hours :)