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  1. Joram

    Vip JoinSounds

    I see you've reached your depression phase
  2. Joram

    Vip JoinSounds

    Why has no one suggested the coffin dancers yet
  3. Updated SourceBans's theme to a new refreshing Material Design look. (https://github.com/brhndursun/SourceBans-StarTheme) Modified to suit ENW and added CTBans page back
  4. Joram

    VIP credits refunds

    No there will not be any refunds
  5. Forum: Mind theme has been updated
  6. Really sad to see you go Defused. I hope to see you back soon
  7. Jailbreak Added jb_obama_v5_beta Added jb_vipinthemix_csgo
  8. Hello everyone, Earlier today, Budgie ended up on the KZ Global ban list. After looking at the ban information, and verifying with one of the KZ global admins, it was clear that the ban was obtained while playing on our KZ server, and that it was in fact an injected cheat. Budgie will therefor be demoted from his Admin rank, and permanently banned from the servers. We want to thank Budgie for his (long) service, but the journey at ENW ends here.
  9. Sourcebans: Updated to version 1.6.3-PRE-git577. This is a pre-release, and may contain bugs. Adds 'Remember Me' checkbox. CTBans Fixed missing arrow icons Fixed changing page Fixed SteamID lookup Theme Changed background with darker colors
  10. Sourcebans 22-01-2018 Added CTBans page Made header background darker Changed logo to text 21-01-2018 Initial release of new theme Updated SourceBans to 1.6.2
  11. Bazinga: I make shitposts on the ENW forums Girl: *wets her pants*
  12. Joram

    How did you join ENW

    I like how you're 100x more active on the forums now that you're ex staff
  13. Joram

    How did you join ENW

    I joined ENW Gungame on css. Then saw the !hop command and connected to jailbreak. Then I became one of the squaky kids on it
  14. Joram

    DarkRP Launch

    Presents a new take on DarkRP Launching at 9am GMT Sunday 14th January with a massive bonus to gains and lots of chances to win VIP and other fantastic prizes - you can join us by typing: "connect" into console!
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