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  1. Hey! Any of you guys listen to metal/rock/Prog? I mean, I listen to everything but those are the most common things I listen to Some of my Favourite Bands are: Periphery Guns N Roses Metallica Dream Theater Nightmare Cinema Rage Against the Machine Genesis Rammstein Those are just a few of the ones I fanboy over. Any other suggestions as to what you guys like? One of my favourite songs at the moment is probably Periphery - Ragnarok, followed closely by Dream Theater - Wither. Byee!
  2. Orange

    let's play a game

    Smelling like Sewage
  3. Giveaway #1 Hey! This first giveaway will be taking part on June 1st at around 6pm GMT! Be there for a chance to win VIP! June 1st 2016 18:00GMT ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Quick Question to add to this; Would you guys prefer that I pick the first name out of the hat, or do an Elimination sort of thing where the last person in that hat wins?
  4. ☆VIP GIVEAWAYS☆ Hello All, Orange Here After playing on the server for a few months, I've seen alot of people that play frequently and do not have VIP. So, every month, I have decided to give people the chance of getting a month of VIP for free. All you have to do is be on at the time of the draw, which I will post as a reply to this (The Time of the Giveaway). However, it's only available to those who I've seen on the server more than few times. I ain't giving it away to no one-time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -- And of course, people who are Currently VIP'ers at the time of the giveaway CANNOT win. When you win, I will contact you via steam and/or in-game. VIP of course will give you access to everything on the server store, and more (!aura etc..) When you win, I'll message you to find out your steamid (!steamid in chat will bring up STEAM_1:1:12345678). That's all I need and within 15 minutes of winning you'll have access! I've already done one giveaway this month, but it was kind of uncoordinated... StatTrack was the winner! When you win, your name cannot be picked out the following month. This does mean you can still be picked out in alternating months if you're extremely lucky! I hope to see you on there, and good luck! ~Orange~
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