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  1. Maybe make a vote see why the server wants?
  2. Auto Hop i kinda essential in BR when i play the other server
  3. On jailbreak when you are playing with not a lot of people , like early mornings or really late at night there is only usually like 1 or 2 people on this gets really boring because no one can go ct , in my opinion and quite a few others this plugin is really inconvenient! Thanks Toby
  4. Even though mic spamming is against the rules , if its so strict that even having a laugh , shouting down your mic as a joke is going to result in an hour mute or so , then im sorry it will be sooooo boring.
  5. Ok , so John kills a ct , you cant kill him tho you go back and hes in the stack but now you cant shoot him because hes in a stack? I think its a bit of a stupid rule in my opinion.
  6. If the same plugin was added , I can't remember if it did it for CT's as well if so how would you know if people were mass freekilling , I think I'm just being stupid but maybe a point?
  7. Ya boi Toby is incoming with a nice video of this on Tamms Report Check it out #DramaAlertNation http://plays.tv/video/57e1a1175a66526896/tamm
  8. You can still click auto select which auto goes CT oblivious of the ratio.
  9. Dont usually comment in this but , stop wasting the admins time and dont disrespect admins , not a great way to get admin.
  10. Yes , Suicide is legal tho Do you wish you had 50 arms?
  11. What's ranks are you dmg? Were you playing with dmgs or what cos that's like silver stuff from the other team right there lmao
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