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  1. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    1 sentance

    So I ended up eating him by accident whilst
  2. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    New Custom Weapon Models

    I also accidentaly voted less weapon because it's 7 in the morning and I'm tired af, changing my vote to more weapon skins :3
  3. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    1 sentance

    Love can only be found deep within...
  4. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    Maps still broken ?

    No best map don't remove
  5. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    What Medez can, I can do too.

    It is definitely revolutionary, A few weeks ago I went to a friends and played on his gaming computer (300 fps), after that I never did any inappropriate stuff to my 40 fps laptop :(
  6. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    What Medez can, I can do too.

    Ok cool I was wondering because it didn't look like any special day :3
  7. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    What Medez can, I can do too.

    Did you just freekill the whole server or what happen?
  8. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    ALERT Jailbreak Meeting

    I'll be there.
  9. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    ScoutzKnivez Tounament this weekend!

    Ok. sounds like a fair amount to give, although I can't pay trough anything else than sand dunes. Is it okay?
  10. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    ScoutzKnivez Tounament this weekend!

    I'm in.
  11. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    Jailbreak special days bind tutorial

    No, I'm pretty sure you need 2 different binds because the server wont allow you to type a message too big. Atleast It doesn't work for me to only have one bind.
  12. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    Discussion about Trivia

    That is stupid. And this must be against the rules, making up your answers for a trivia cannot be allowed. People who watch videos should not have an advantage over others in a game like jb just because they happen to watch a video. Edit: I have never seen this happen on a server before either, but if it's happening it should definitely not be allowed.
  13. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    REQUEST Jailbreak Mic Spam

    Yeah. I think this could be a good addition to the jailbreak server, however it would probably encourage more ghosting trough team chat or mics. And it would just make being a ct a harder job, which is already quite hard depending on the maps.
  14. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    Jailbreak special days bind tutorial

    Hello, On the jailbreak servers there are often a lot of confusion regarding the rules on special days whenever an admin isn't online to post them in chat. Therefore I decided to make this thread in order so anyone can make binds with the rules to post whenever a special day is going to happen. H&S: Bind (Key to press to post rules) "Say Hide and Seek: Players are not allowed to hide in: Vents, TP entrances, Armory, cells or medic." Bind (Another key to continue the rules) "Say Terrorists can only rebel with knifes, zeus and granades. T's CANNOT lr." Warday: Bind (Key) "Say warday! T's have to stay in armory until warday has started! Leaving/killing before will get you slain." Bind (Another key) "Say You MUST be actively participating or else you'll be slain." Simon says: (may be removed from server soon due to special circumstances) Bind (Key) "Say Simon says day! Only commands with the prefix ´Simon says´ are to be followed." Bind (Another key) "Say Ct's are not needed to give warning shots during Simon says days." Hungergames: bind (Key) "say Hunger games! T's are not allowed to leave cells or attack CT's before the warden says so. T's are only allowed to team with 1 other T during this day." Now all you need to do to post special day rules in chat is to press whatever key you choose. Hope this helped someone! *NOTE* I seem to have a problem posting these rules trough my bind whenever I'm warden, if you are going to warden and wanna do a special day, then post the rules before you claim warden. If anyone has suggestions on any other special days I should add here feel free to comment them below!
  15. SwedishViking | Kickback.com

    JailBreak server rules request

    Ok. I'll try it. Now add me. Pretty please?