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  1. Budgie


    shut up get your own code
  2. What's the benefit of being a community streamer?
  3. You can't sell enw VIP tokens on opskins lol
  4. Budgie

    Shit ENW Says

    *DEAD* [Zeroh4Resign] Zeroh : this server makes me so raged
  5. Budgie

    Shit ENW Says

    u steal my meme angery
  6. Budgie

    Surf Combat V2.0

    I don't know if you failed maths but 21 is greater than 18
  7. Budgie

    Surf Combat V2.0

    @Joram @schwarz Why was no spread removed when the majority of people want it enabled?
  8. @Joram why is the surf server not set up properly?
  9. Why are you posting my youtube history
  10. Budgie

    New Surf Server poll

    @Joram what if you'd play both Why are you asking Joram why, that's how the gamemode is played so that's why it is like that. Surf combat servers have always used the casual gamemode and not deathmatch. Ask vertigo if you don't believe me.
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