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  1. Tanyel :D

    The end of ENW

    How much ENW still means to me after the past 2 years is hard to put in one post, but i want all of the people that made my experience here awesome to know that i owe you alot. This network came into my life at a point where everything was perfect and even tho i dont play anymore i still listen to the songs i listened to back then, hoping i could go back at some point to re experience the truly (from the bottom of my heart) beautiful time i had with all of you. I could go on about this server improving my english and how princess maps have the best songs but i already feel gay enough writing this so ill just end it here. ❤️
  2. Tanyel :D

    Upcoming Games

    The setting looks interesting they changed the fighting system and its longer in development then the last 7 games. looks like it could be one of the better assassins creeds.
  3. Tanyel :D

    Upcoming Games

    http://store.steampowered.com/search/?snr=1_5_9__12&term=Assassin's+Creed® The new Assassins creed looks awesome!
  4. Its pretty nice but youre going to get flamed when you star out just play casual until people consider you a good player (just if you dont want to make contact with the toxic site of the community)
  6. Tanyel :D

    Graphics 2

    ultra rare skyrim x the 100 x the walking dead pepe
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