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  1. Pretty sure the Molotov was bugged or something
  2. Couldn't you just vote kick people you don't like, not allowing them to be ct with no reason to not be
  3. *cough* vertigo boosted to supreme *cough*
  4. https://gyazo.com/6f92d0bab75f3fb9dee773b668f48565 Blatant theft
  5. this is, by far, the worst shitpost thread ive seen to date
  6. Ethan.


  7. Ethan.

    Weeb or na?

    It isn't something to brag about
  8. Ethan.

    2 $5 skin giveaway

    I love bhoppin, sooo much just like iris does, beaver and even you austin <3 :*
  9. Animal: human breed: the black kind
  10. Love a good necropost every once in a while
  11. Ethan.


    Number 1 on deathrun licked schwarz' arse to get points back to get there
  12. He changed it into a five seven from a p250 in v2 and then to an r8 in v3
  13. Ethan.

    Shit ENW Says

    Schwarz: nice penis Schwarz: my penis like that:) Schwarz: nice tracer ass, Ethan : p
  14. Ethan.

    You Should Get VIP

    Advertise in the archive of a subforum ?
  15. http://gun-game.ucoz.com/load/server_side_models/rick/79-1-0-1440
  16. Is it really worth ruining your screen with that ugly knife for 0.03 second faster knifing?
  17. #RemovePruppetFromDev Started by SamTheNaziModProtester, Yesterday at 04:05 PM
  18. If you type "respawn" in chat it will respawn you
  19. You keep your guns anyway if you select "same weapons each time"
  20. I think it should only work when you manually jump since you gain like 30% more speed on each jump
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