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  1. Ethan.

    New skins

    Pretty sure the Molotov was bugged or something
  2. Ethan.

    Stop Hackers Joining CT

    Couldn't you just vote kick people you don't like, not allowing them to be ct with no reason to not be
  3. Ethan.

    MAPPING ba_jail_dubai

    *cough* vertigo boosted to supreme *cough*
  4. Ethan.

    MAPPING ba_jail_dubai

    https://gyazo.com/6f92d0bab75f3fb9dee773b668f48565 Blatant theft
  5. Ethan.

    So whats everyone favourite febreze?

    this is, by far, the worst shitpost thread ive seen to date
  6. Ethan.


  7. Ethan.

    Weeb or na?

    It isn't something to brag about
  8. Ethan.

    2 $5 skin giveaway

    I love bhoppin, sooo much just like iris does, beaver and even you austin <3 :*
  9. Ethan.

    What is Your Favorite Animal!

    Animal: human breed: the black kind
  10. Ethan.

    What is your favourite Valve game?

    Love a good necropost every once in a while
  11. Ethan.

    AK-47| Blue Laminate FN giveaway (FOR EVERYONE)

    Will fitz win again?
  12. Ethan.


    Number 1 on deathrun licked schwarz' arse to get points back to get there
  13. Ethan.

    Add a word and make a story

    A filthy communist