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  1. A total of 24 people play trackmania in south east England.
  2. Rules added: CT-Specific rules CT's are not allowed to give warning shots for knifing vents unless specified by the warden that it's restricted T-Specific rules If a T breaks a vent, this will then automatically make them a rebel and are allowed to be KOS'd. !LR-Specific rules (Last Request) Common sense must be used for LR's. (e.g. if you're setting up a race for surf and then say ''Finish race no cheating'' you can't go to the finish directly because you didn't directly say ''complete surf'') - This also directly relates to ''both parties have to agree with the starting and end point of the race'' & ''no loopholing of the rules''.
  3. Jailbreak Fixed all zones, improved a few too. Added a forum thread with all maps in rotations and images. Making it easily accessible for people to mention and recognize maps they may not be familiar with. (alphabetical order naturally).
  4. This thread is to make it easy to identify maps by name. Every map has 2 images under it's map name as to easily recognize them. This thread is 100% up to date. ANY changes to the map rotation must be posted here with similar images. ba_jail_canyondam_go ba_jail_minecraftparty_v6 ba_jail_modern_castle ba_toobalot_v5 jb_arcade_b4 jb_arctic_jail_v3 jb_august_2k17_v1c jb_avalanche_csgo_b6 jb_bigmt_b2 jb_clouds_beta02 jb_colorjail_v4_fix jb_dust2_final2 jb_dystopian_b5 jb_fentex_fix jb_fortify_v2-2 jb_hogwarts_fix2 jb_junglejail_v6 jb_kwejsi_v4 jb_leaderminecraft jb_lego_jail_2k17b jb_legobels_corp_v1d jb_legoland_v1c_enw jb_marioworld_rsc_fix jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2 jb_mist_v1 jb_moonjail_v2 jb_moti2_final2 jb_moti_fix2 jb_mountaincraft_v6 jb_new_chernobyl jb_oasisv07 jb_ob_airship_csgo_b4 jb_obama_v5_beta jb_paper_alive_ultime_se jb_paradise_island_fix jb_peanut_v3r jb_potato_final1fix jb_quake_a03 jb_raspberry_v4 jb_renegade_v5 jb_sg_dojo_v5-6 jb_sides_v1a jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7 jb_summer_jail_v2 jb_tropico jb_undertale_b5 jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1
  5. Jailbreak Removed grenade day
  6. Rules added: CT-Specific rules Hosting games heavily biased towards favouritism is not allowed (including but not limited to Joke day & Talent Show day).
  7. Jailbreak Alphabetized map order All new zones for maps finished Changed new default map to jb_bigmt_b2_enw Added: ba_jail_canyondam_go_enw ba_jail_modern_castle_enw ba_toobalot_v5_enw jb_arctic_jail_v3_enw jb_bigmt_b2_enw jb_colorjail_v4_fix_enw jb_fortify_v2-2_enw jb_junglejail_v6_enw jb_marioworld_rsc_fix_enw jb_oasisv07_enw jb_paper_alive_ultime_se_enw jb_raspberry_v4_enw jb_sides_v1a_enw jb_tropico_enw jb_ob_airship_csgo_b4_enw jb_vipinthemix_csgo_hex_v2_enw jb_new_chernobyl_enw jb_paradise_island_fix_enw Changed: Updated to jb_vipinthemix_csgo_hex_v2 Updated to jb_new_chernobyl Removed: jb_snow_v2
  8. Vikings Why is this a boring thread?
  9. Jailbreak Fixed some bugs with zones Changed new default map to jb_fentex_fix_enw Added: jb_august_2k17_v1c_enw jb_avalanche_csgo_b6_enw jb_fentex_fix_enw jb_leaderminecraft_enw jb_renegade_v5_enw jb_hogwarts_fix2_enw Removed: jb_marioworld_rsc_fix_enw - (Had too many broken games on it).
  10. Jailbreak Changed all maps to have _enw at the end of the mapname. Too many people had issues joining on certain maps. All maps have been tested and download correctly currently. Please vote on the strawpoll with your opinion on the Fortnite-damage plugin that Leon added: https://www.strawpoll.me/19560972
  11. Jailbreak Plugins: Added a knifemute plugin, so you don't hear teammates knife sounds. (Use: /knifemute, /muteknife or /mk to disable knife sounds). You'll still always hear your own knife sounds. Added a plugin to give CT's armour on round start. (Credit to coder @Bagout123)
  12. Jailbreak *Redid the zones on all map as they weren't configured correctly on some before. *Changed default map to jb_moti2_final2. Maps added: jb_kwejsi_v4 jb_marioworld_rsc_fix jb_moti2_final2 (leaving both moti1 and moti2 in as they're completely different and both good maps). Maps deleted: jb_kanker_v3 Maps replaced: jb_potato_v6fix --> jb_potato_final1fix (much newer and bigger version of the map).
  13. Am I allowed to warn Donny for farming posts / shitposting @Zeroh @Blade?
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