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  1. dejavue.

    A new start.

    Hey blackstar it's your server now.. oooonban mants.
  2. dejavue.

    The end of ENW

    Had good times here as well. But i guess everyone's gotta move on at some point..
  3. dejavue.


    You should know who the weeaboo is... definetly not me
  4. dejavue.


    Thanks guys. <3
  5. dejavue.


    -1 hahaha
  6. dejavue.

    TTT Rules

    I don't think so. :^)
  7. dejavue.

    DENIED A few suggestions about the new awp server

    I don't think that this is a good addition (in my opinion) but we will see what happens.
  8. dejavue.

    VIP - Paying with skins

    Did this for a player before aswell, feel free to message me and we can sort it out :')
  9. dejavue.

    Wesley Snipes

  10. dejavue.

    NEWS Promotion

    Gratz my good sir, mr. kriss.
  11. dejavue.

    Broken map

    Did this happen one round or every round? I've seen this before and it only happened once.
  12. dejavue.

    Elizabeth II

    The last time i joined the dust 2 server it gave me all of the grenades (he, flash and smoke). I think that's already on there
  13. dejavue.

    Elizabeth II

    sleep well mr schwarz
  14. dejavue.

    Elizabeth II

    we can test it if you want to, just message me :')