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    osu aim.avi and accuracy.png, also being stuck at 220pp and 19k :(

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    osu nerd <a href="https://osu.ppy.sh/u/zerohoho" rel="external nofollow">https://osu.ppy.sh/u/zerohoho</a>

    also jailbreak noob (rank #21 currently)

    global stuck in a silver's body
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  1. Zeroh


    @Krokanteknul has been promoted to admin. Congratulations.
  2. Zeroh

    6 days has felt like 2 months

  3. Zeroh

    Jailbreak - Rules & Games

  4. Unfortunately, @FitZ_Mário has decided to leave us after a very long run. He has requested that this post be insta-locked. Goodbye, Fitz.
  5. Zeroh


  6. Zeroh


    @deej has been promoted to admin. @Yoblana has been promoted to MGSL, #yob4mgsl is over. Congratulations to you both! Also, @Aqua has been promoted to member.
  7. Zeroh

    Stepping Down

    Mr Jopie has decided to step down from his position as Minigames Server Leader to moderator due to activity reasons.
  8. Happy bday :D

    1. Zeroh


      Thank you!

    2. PizzaFromWalmart


      No problem

  9. Zeroh

    Help me

    I'd say get 16GB RAM rather than 8GB, games need a lot more now
  10. Zeroh

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Jailbreak: Added ba_mlcastle_se (Thanks @DylanC15) jb_moonjail_v2 jail_xmf jb_fastness_beta01a Removed ba_jail_downview_csgo_v3 ba_jail_leoben_csgo_final jb_k1ngleviathan_b3 jb_battlements_final_1 ba_jail_nightescape_v4a ba_jail_midi_gregor_v7ws
  11. Zeroh

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    It's ended already, locked.
  12. Zeroh

    Had to do it!

    thank you for doing it
  13. How long is my ban for? 

    1. Zeroh


      1 week, extreme-network.net/sourcebans


    2. firepall


      for calling someone a faggot XD bit much


    3. Zeroh


      Wasn't just that, it's also 3 weeks now because you're ban evading. Good job.

  14. Zeroh

    ALERT zeroh its inportent

    Well damn man. I'd have assumed after your rather lengthy ban list, you'd have learnt the rules. Guess not. You think I'm gonna just not CTBan you for freekilling? Then being pretty toxic to a random player for no reason? You're wrong, enjoy forum ban too. xx
  15. Zeroh


    We are pleased to announce that @WJTW is the new server leader of our KZ Server! Congratulations! We are always looking for staff members, if you think you are suitable, feel free to apply!