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  1. Zeroh

    Ban Appeal Format

    i think you forgot to lock this post mr jamie
  2. Zeroh

    Sale again

    i love you schwarz
  3. Zeroh


    KTAN is on Jailbreak this month! Since the post was made so late, no time will be voted on - it will be held from 8pm onwards on Saturday 25th May. Join our discord for more announcements regarding this event! Comment down below with the maps you want to be played. In case you haven't participated in a KTAN before, it is a night where it is staff vs players, with the players winning prizes for performing well. This months prizes are 1 month server VIP for each map winner and 1 month global VIP for the overall winner. 3 maps will be played, the winner of each map is determined by the player with the highest score at the end of the map. The highest total score is the overall winner. Good luck, hope to see you there.
  4. Zeroh

    Big JB Maps Thread

    Tested it before I added, it's random.
  5. Zeroh

    Big JB Maps Thread

    Yes. 1 of the vending machines tps you per round.
  6. Zeroh


    This KTAN is over, with @Woldefi @Kasper and @Just Kidding ;o being the winners. Woldefi had the highest total and wins global VIP.
  7. Zeroh


    KTAN will be on Saturday from 6pm, on the maps Kwejsi, Spaceprison and Undertale.
  8. JB Added: ba_jail_future_v2a jb_colorjail_v4_fix jb_kwejsi_v4 (new default) jb_prison_architect_v1 jb_spaceprison Removed: jb_carceris_hill jb_blank_b4 jb_new_chernobyl ba_ace_jail_b3g jb_lost_planet_fix jb_avalanche_csgo_b6 jb_kanker_v3 (looking at fixing) jb_putin_v2 ba_jail_campus_2011_final_csgo ba_jail_blackops_v3 ba_jail_lockdown_beta3 ba_jail_modern_castle_csgo ba_jail_ob_trainingcamp_v3 ba_jail_rebellion jb_jailberd_v5_final_fix ba_jail_dubai Replaced: jb_vipinthemix_csgo -> jb_vipinthemix_csgo_hex_v2
  9. Zeroh


    We've decided to do another KTAN this month, despite the 5v5 tournament just finishing. For those that don't know, KTAN is an event which is essentially staff vs players for a few maps, with the chance of winning prizes. This month's prizes are global VIP for the highest total score, and server vip for each map winner. Each winner will also have the role of KTAN winner until the next event. The winners will be determined by their score on each map. Usually I'd ask for your suggestions for maps, but this month we're going to be playing on some of the new maps, decided by you after you play them. Good luck.
  10. Zeroh

    Big JB Maps Thread

    2019 players don't get an opinion also stop double posting
  11. Zeroh

    Big JB Maps Thread

    Comment below what maps you'd like to see removed, with a reason. This is only for maps to be removed, and if you have a valid reason to remove I will probably do it.
  12. Jailbreak: Blackmarket is back! Thanks to @Pruppet for adding it ❤️ The commands are the same and can be found here:
  13. Zeroh

    KTAN is back

    KTAN is over and @iron @CAp and @PeteMan3804 BBC Weather Forecast are the winners! @iron had the most total score with 49 so he wins the skin, Cap was a close second with 45 points. Thanks for playing to anyone who made it, next time will be on Surf Combat.
  14. Zeroh

    KTAN is back

    KTAN will be tonight, 8pm on Obama, vipinthemix and Undertale!
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