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  1. Happy Birthday Cuddles!

  2. Right okay, that is enough additional data to add to the collection, anymore will be appreciated but isn't necessary as I am just one guy and I have a lot of stuff to look through XD Thank you everyone for your help in this matter, remember, if you want to step out then just drop me a PM with the request and an identifying feature of your data (such as your top 5 in order) and I will go about removing you.
  3. I greatly appreciate all of your responses, I will add them to the 'collection' tomorrow (when I get time) till then I will be drinking my troubles away and writing up the main body of text, because you aren't a true Anthropologist until you're sipping on a glass of sherry whilst discussing your ethnography with your partner, which in this case is my self... wooh for being forever alone! (I don't actually have any Sherry so I'm just having vodka and coke, as I said, I'm not an official Anthropologist)
  4. *cough* should clarify Question 6 is referring to the linked images of 3 smileys, oh and also I can't add anything that you've missed out, so if you don't tell me what a certain smiley means, where you are from or something like that, I can't fill in the gap even if I know what it is, so please make sure you include all the information possible that would be greatly appreciated <3 Thanks for the responses so far though
  5. Yeah sorry, I pressed something on my keyboard which apparently submitted it early :L feel free to check again
  6. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, It is I, your local un-official Anthropologist! And I come with a request from you guys and gals sitting under the roof of this fine community we call ENW, for you see I am in need of data, but not just any random old piece of data, I need data relevant to the questions I want to answer (this is where you guys come in). Before I tell you the questions I need to explain a few things, Firstly I will be quoting the data you mention here in my paper, so if you give me relevant information and throw in the word "penis" I will legally have to either include it or remove all of your data if I want to remain ethical, in order to protect your identity though, I won't be referring to you by name, I have already decided which pseudonyms (a false name if you will (in my case Person A, B, C etc.)) I will apply to participants, so in case you are concerned about whether anyone will recognise your name, then fear not. If you don't want to participate in this study then feel free to not respond to this thread/post, and if you decide you don't want to be involved then you can send me a message requesting me to remove you from the study (you would have to provide me with a way of identifying your study though, as you would have a pseudonym which isn't 'attached' to your real name) and I will do just that. So on to what the study actually is, quite simply I'm investigating emoticons, put in more fancy terms I am exploring how paralinguistic features have been incorporated into the modern age of electronic communication, so I'm looking at what emoticons are commonly used, what they mean and in essence how effective they are. And finally the form I would like you to fill out, it's quite simple and you can say as much or as little as you like for any of the questions, so if you want to give me a paragraph of text explaining what each 'smiley' means then by all means do that, I can't promise that I will quote the entire description, but I might pick bits out. The questions: 1) Which country do you currently reside in? 2) Which social platforms do you use regularly (e.g. Skype, Facebook, Steam or Tumblr)? 3) Do you use predefined emoticons (as in, selected from a menu)? 4) What are the top 5 emoticons you use (in order of usage)? (please don't give me anymore than 5, fewer is fine) (please provide me with the 'text' form of the smiley, such as : ) for ) 5) What do each of those 5 emoticons mean? (feel free to say as much or as little as you want) 6) Do any of these emoticons more strongly convey a feeling than the others? (feel free to describe why you might not like a certain smiley or what one is better than the others) Smiley 1: http://puu.sh/bExTq/eed933a5db.png Smiley 2: http://puu.sh/bExSl/8e74658136.png Smiley 3: http://puu.sh/bExOr/322fa4b89f.png So um, yeah... if you could fill that out and leave your answer as a response to this post I would greatly appreciate it
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