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  1. Ragnarok

    Best staff resignation

    Locking this thread. You can say your goodbyes etc via pm or discord.
  2. Ragnarok


    Welcome to the forums, remember:
  3. Ragnarok

    Entertain me

    1. https://open.spotify.com/user/beyr5kn8w6a5zhx57aa2r5kvk/playlist/0KFEUihgMqawQrORsugWxU?si=HMG95qudSK-CRoxpllOXiw 2. Working 3. Ok I guess 4. Forums 😎 5. Gotta be Pruppet 😍
  4. Ragnarok

    Anyone know this guy?

    P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
  5. Ragnarok

    Josh's Resignation

    Bhop isn't shutting down, it just wont have a SL or at least for a while.
  6. Ragnarok

    Vip Tag Suggestion

    There's no point since yours is still clearly laid out and easy to understand.
  7. Ragnarok

    Vip Tag Suggestion

    To be fair the VIP suggestions should use the same format as the normal suggestions despite it not being specified. I don't see an issue with this as I believe all it would involve is giving VIPs the correct flag or changing sm_tag to the same flag as VIP.
  8. Ragnarok

    REQUEST Vip suggestion

    I don't see a reason why everyone can't edit their own title. If people put something they shouldn't they'll be banned, simple as that. I can't change it, one of the owners will have to.
  9. Ragnarok

    FIX Combat surf crash on join

    Try deleting the maps that should be inside the workshop folder, if not look for surf_ maps
  10. Ragnarok

    Shit ENW Says

    However it is very believable.
  11. Ragnarok

    Building a PC

    https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/GQJ4LJ very top end of your budget but can obviously swap the cpu for an i5, gpu for a 1060 etc to save money. That doesn't include an OS but you can pick up a legit key for like 10 quid elsewhere. Also you already have your case so I guess you'd have to check if it'd all fit.
  12. Ragnarok

    Building a PC

    Are you wanting to go amd/intel? What games other than csgo will you play? Are you wanting to do anything outside of games such as streaming/editing? Are you building it yourself or would you prefer a prebuilt?
  13. Ragnarok

    VIP Giveaway

    zeroh is the best admin leader if you dont count blade
  14. Ragnarok

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

  15. Ragnarok


    Won't post a picture/video because I cba to tidy but: Screens: left - ASUS VG248QE 24 inch Right - Benq GL2460 24 inch Desk: Basic ikea desk Chair: GTFORCE PACE Keyboard: Corsair K70 Mouse: Logitech G502 MousePad: Basic amazon one Headset: Hyper x Cloud II PC hardware: Motherboard: Asus H110M-K Processor: i7 7700 @3.60 GHz Memory: Generic "Gaming" ram iirc (Can't find amazon order for some reason) - 2x8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz SSD 1: Samsung EVO 850 500GB (boot) SSD 2: Kingston 240GB HDDs: 2 WD Blues in RAID 0 Graphics card: Geforce GTX 1080 MSI Power Supply Unit: Some crappy 600W that I need to replace. My work setup is awful, I'm using an i3-7100 with 8GB RAM 😞 Decent HP Monitors that apparently don't exit anymore but have like no bezels so that's nice I guess.
  16. Ragnarok

    My Resignation

    Unexpected tbf. Ex Staff superior 😎
  17. Ragnarok

    Shit ENW Says

    How do you even choke on water it just goes down your throat - Dylan.
  18. Ragnarok

    ALERT discord

    Your punishment is under a day and you haven't followed the format or used the correct subforum. You've only been muted for 360 mins, wait it out.
  19. Ragnarok


    Getting a bit of déjà vu
  20. Ragnarok

    Forum - Rules

    Forum Rules You must only speak English. Do not use the shout box to discuss bans, please create a thread here using the format here. No racism, discrimination, harassment or disrespect towards other users. No inappropriate profile pictures, cover photos or signatures. Do not advertise any other game servers, websites or communities. Do not bump a dead topic unless absolutely necessary, long running topics are fine such as the music thread (use common sense to determine the status of a thread). Do not discuss software piracy, hacking, illegal material, linking to these activities will not be tolerated. Do not post any personal information about any users, this includes but is not limited to IPs, social media links and pictures. Do not reply to multiple people in different posts, include all in one post with multiple quotes or use the @ function to notify the user. Do not ignore staff members. Alternate accounts are not permitted in any form. Rules are subject to change at any time. Please make sure you are aware of the rules and abide by them at all times on our network.
  21. Ragnarok

    Why i hate Wednesdays

    Wednesdays are meh, means there's only two days before weekend but it's not as good as Thursday/Friday/Saturday. I rate Wednesday 4/7
  22. Ragnarok

    Discord - Rules

    Fixed formatting and updated rules to be in line with what is in discord.
  23. Ragnarok

    KTAN is back

    I see why I got demoted now, it would have been too unfair... For the admins because I'm shit at cs.
  24. Ragnarok


    Lol get demoted nerds
  25. Ragnarok

    Discord weekly competition

    You're forgetting the two offline vips!!!