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  1. All Servers Fixed Custom AdvAdmin (menu bugged) Added Spec players in menu admin Fixed Helper access from VipSystem. Fixed Helper Flag overrides Changed the permission VIP in Store , removed unlocked all items. But Items [VIP] models players & Knifes custom stays always "unlock" You can to buy Helper from VIPsystem. Access Helper : Slap Beacon Ban CT (Only JB) ID player Clear map Show online Admins Bury/Unbury Respawn Swap player sm_csay (message center) sm_psay (message private) Teleport & Save Loc sm_mute / sm_unmute sm_gag / ungag sm_silence
  2. JailBreak Fixed problem changing map (restart time players) Updated new version hosties Fixed armor only CT value 100 each round
  3. schwarz

    Vip JoinSounds

    we need just file mp4 thanks
  4. HNS server - Enabled Store - Many plugins added
  5. All servers : !rank & !place are back etc expect JB : not work with !place , I ll check that later
  6. GameMe Disabled all for chat gameMe , !rank etc) but it keeps always to save for kill/death , need check only website gameMe , reason plugin GameMe is big eat CPU.. We are testing without this Removed maps jb avalanche reason crash Gloves only VIP Need to join our group ENW for get access : Gloves & WS
  7. Server Retakes #1 & #2 Added !rs for reset score
  8. ALL Servers : Fixed store Removed weapons custom expect Knife only VIP Added Masks on store (later add more others somethings) Modify the cvars for better fps server Changed new plugin Gloves & WS & Knife , are using from databases , mean your skins will load on all servers same time. Deleted All users banned & comms on SB Store are using from one database for all servers Updated for store , earn the credits : 1 credit every 1 min , x3 more fast for VIP
  9. Fixed Forum : - steam profile - login by steam - updated new version IPB - clean up cache for more fast
  10. schwarz

    Sale again

    Hello we are very inacitivty for work enw . sale to @LeonKong and Mr Mercy . congrats ❤️ thanks for all
  11. Our server surf combat is BACK !!! IP : We are testing with new machine and this server is always under maintenance thanks for your patience have fun
  12. Fixed the system VIP (thanks to @Joram )
  13. schwarz

    deja vu?

    Hey! Thanks you for My welcome 🙂 yeh we ll bring back server surf etc
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