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  1. schwarz


    Hello I've decided to retirement myself , since i talked with medez and joram for i m doing to be demote from owner because i think i m done with my job owner since 10 years . now my energy is no longer , i know what sad for this community but medez and joram will stay as always for own ENW . I don t become ex staff but only stays as Founder , for you don t forget me ^^ .. I m happy with you all staffs and members since 10 years . Don t be shock , thanks ❤️ i let to open this topic for you can write for me
  2. schwarz

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    Crying 😢 You are one of best staff enw . ❤️
  3. schwarz

    Promotion 2

  4. schwarz


  5. schwarz

    New server for retake

    Well done . if bug , report me thanks
  6. schwarz

    New server for retake

    Hello since 3 weeks I bought new server high vps for only retake because pride told me always about old retakes often drop FPS etc . I ve decided to make second small machine for only retake for high quality FPS this tonight both retake will move to new retakes IP . Retake #1 : Retake #2 : remember that new servers retakes will be test . If bad or unpopular , we ll be move again back old . Thanks
  7. schwarz

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Fixed forum & web ( thanks to joram for new great main page )
  8. schwarz

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Server Arena Fixed problem fail to join game server
  9. schwarz

    ALERT Buying VIP with skins (again)

    pm me steam
  10. schwarz

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Server MG Updated new version map : warmcup_hs Removed two maps : Egypt_v2 and Four_course (broken & crash) Added new maps : mg_creative_multigames mg_eparlana_multigame_csgo_v2 (new version) mg_fun_matrix_trilogie_rc2 mg_ipods_all_in_one_v2fix mg_neox_multigames mg_quepinator mg_scari_multigame_csgo_v1 mg_struses_games_csgo_v2_1 (new version) mg_tomgreens_allinone_betav3 Clean up folders maps MG
  11. schwarz

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    All Servers Updated new version Adv Command Admin (like respawn , teleport etc) [more stable]
  12. schwarz

    Gameme (stats)

    Hello GameMe stats informed me : 10/04/2018 - 23:00 CEST: The hardware your gameME Stats account is running on will be replaced on Friday (13/04/2018 start 08:00 CEST). During this replacement the gameME Stats account will be stopped and not working. We do estimate for the replacement approximately ~ 16 hours. We will stop your gameME Stats account automatically on Friday 08:00 CEST and create backups. The ip address of the box will not change due the hardware replacement. There is nothing left to do on your end and your account will be started automatically again. When the gameme down , don t call us . we need just waiting until they are working it . thanks
  13. schwarz

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Jb server Back allow LR : Gun Toss (Zeroh asked me it back)
  14. schwarz

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Server surf Updated new version balance team (fixed for vip immunity , more better system)
  15. schwarz

    New skins

    nice but where is the download file?