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  1. Fixed Forum : - steam profile - login by steam - updated new version IPB - clean up cache for more fast
  2. schwarz

    Sale again

    Hello we are very inacitivty for work enw . sale to @LeonKong and Mr Mercy . congrats ❤️ thanks for all
  3. Our server surf combat is BACK !!! IP : We are testing with new machine and this server is always under maintenance thanks for your patience have fun
  4. Fixed the system VIP (thanks to @Joram )
  5. schwarz

    deja vu?

    Hey! Thanks you for My welcome 🙂 yeh we ll bring back server surf etc
  6. schwarz


    Welcome @Ruizu become owner! good luck ❤️
  7. schwarz


    Hello I m sorry for closing this community but if someone want to take my place ? Well i sell this community . If someone are interested , contact me thanks
  8. schwarz

    The end of ENW

    Hello I m sorry for this bad new and i hope you unsterdant that .. Well i sell this community . If someone are interested , contact me thanks
  9. schwarz

    The future of ENW

    Lost, that why I wrote : bad new
  10. schwarz

    The future of ENW

    Well I m preparing to open new gameserver : JailBreak with 32 slots , 128 tick + Surf Combat with 24 slots , 128 tick + server Retake #1 with 10 slots , 128 Tick or KZ Climb with 16 slots , 128 tick ? Remember new IP but same location UK (london) I reduced slots servers , if server become full and get money , later we can upgrade it . don t worry bad new : I will stop GameMe , it costs a lot . i ll search new stats free . Well i ll try to chang/add any models something for more great server thanks ps : i don t close this topic , you can to continue to speak about this if you don t agree 😉
  11. schwarz

    The future of ENW

    well medez forget to annonce something , machine will move to new gameserver IP thanks
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