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    Update of Extreme-Network

    Jailbreak Maps added +jb_clouds_beta02_enw Maps removed -jb_autumn_v2_enw -jb_killerbeta_xmas_enw -jb_pyrenees_v1_2_enw -jb_subtropical_v1_enw
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    Hello all, After Jailbreak's relaunch I have noticed a few people getting confused with a few new plugins added so I decided to make this post to clear some things up for people. Black Market Black market is a plugin that allows players purchase weaponry, ammunition, drugs and other miscellaneous items for a fixed price. You start off at tier 1 and can slowly progress your way through the ranks, allowing you to grain money as you do so. You can gain money in the Black Market by either killing CTs, Laundering contraband or just finding it. The two most important commands are !contra and !launder, !contra will allow a player to sell all their stashed contraband in return for contraband cash, if you have contraband cash it can get raided/found by the guards so you have to make it laundered money quickly. To launder your money you use the command !launder, this will take 'x' amount of your current contraband money and turn it into a balance. This balance is what you can use to purchase weapons, drugs and other items with. VIPs receive 2x the balance when killing a CT, have a higher chance of gaining more cash when laundering and have a reduced cost when purchasing items. *Input Bagouts Section here* Last Request Similar to the old one, but every time you choose an LR there will be an options menu with the options there, please be aware that you can still add on extra rules to your lr by typing them chat before the lr starts. CTs now keep their weapons after an lr. VIPs also keep their weapons after an lr (if they had any before). Can abort lrs by doing !abortlr (staff can do this to abort players lrs, players can do this to start a vote between each other to abort the lr. Cosmic Combo This is a new lr, the aim is to hit a sequence of keys correctly, the fastest player wins. The keys display on the screen however if you hit a wrong key you will be punished (either regeneration of keys or death depending on what the T chose). (admins can do !sendlr for new players that are new to the lr system)
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