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    i hate her
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    Update of Extreme-Network

    HNS Changed mapnames from <map> to <map_enw> (if you have slow download speed, you can rename that map in your folder, I mostly did this so players could play both ENW and other servers without deleting different maps every time) Maps added: hns_flowtown_enw hns_backlot_enw hns_penumbra_enw Feel free to send me DM's to me if you want to see certain maps added/ updated
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    Who are you all listening to?
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    ngl i been banging this out since it came out. But I listen to most American rappers, trust me I know a lot about it, but right now I've been feeling uzi, drake and roddy But @Krytos_0 what are you listening to?
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    lil uzi new album
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    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

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    Update of Extreme-Network

    SC Added: surf_ski_2_go surf_dust2_zoom surf_buck-wild2_nf Replaced: surf_monstergreen-> surf_monster_dust2_go imagine updates in 2019 pepega
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