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    ENW Christmas Giveaway

    What, you thought that because I resigned as Owner temporarily I wouldn't be doing the best event of the year? I live for this shit boi Up for grabs: AWP | Fever Dream FN AK-47 | Frontside Misty MW Negev | Power Loader FN 1 Month VIP Just like this post and I'll announce the winners on Boxing Day! (26th December) Its been sad to see some faces go but all in all it's been another great year for ENW. Thanks to all the staff for your continued hard work <3
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    EWN Christmas giveaway

    Giving away 5 of these bois 1 for 5 different winners(unless you win twice) To enter smash that mf like button ???????and reply "weebs are trash" I will pick winners on New Years Day
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    ENW Surf Timer Giveaway

    Hello Everyone! We'll be doing an ENW Surf Timer Skin Giveaway to celebrate its successful opening! This will be happening on Sunday 15th November, and around 16:00 GMT (4pm British Time) Server IP: Below is a list of challenges and skins that are included in the giveaway: The Best Time on Surf_Mesa: Five-SeveN | Monkey Business The Best Time on Surf_Kitsune: AWP | Sun in Leo The Best Time on Surf_Rebel_Resistance_njv: Desert Eagle | Pilot The Best Time on Surf_Rebel_Resistance recorded on in 30 minutes: At Midnight on the 14th, the number one time will be recorded, and the winner will receive the top prize. During the course of the giveaway, the map will be changed to Rebel Resistance, and whoever gets the top time there will receive the prize. Note: You cannot win both draws for this map. M4A4 | X-Ray The Best Time on Surf_Fruits: P250 Mehndi & M4A1-S | Guardian The Best Time on Surf_Beginner: Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption A Random Player that likes this Forum Post: Cloud, Spooky, Simon, Spartan, Kururu, Razer, HarryS, kriss, TrippingSync, Ice, Construcker, Blel, Dylan, Crooked, BeefJerky, Dansl5, NightCrawler/Lion, HupHop, ApexAbc, nigel, Vendetta, SuperUltraepicking, Kururu, BluhBluh, Sunny D, Instinct, Lubricant Jelly, Pankrakles, sneaker66, Lare, Broski, Zoakie, TropiczDzire3, VoxusXularic, Automatice Llama, Flicks Da Man M4A1-S | Guardian & USP-S | Guardian A Random Player on our TeamSpeak 3 Server and in our Surf Timer Server: Statrack MP7 | Ocean Foam A Random Player on the Server when if reach a total of 20 Players: AK-47 | Redline Grand Prize: A Random Player on the Server if we reach a total of 32 Players: M4A1-S | Hyper Beast & AK-47 | Black Laminate We hope to see you on the server then! Whilst we all love a good surfer, you unfortunately can't win every prize draw, else that would be a little unfair. We will also be having a Christmas Giveaway, which all VIPs and Community Staff members will be automatically entered into. Whilst all the prizes for this give-away have not been decided upon, a CSGO knife skin will be one of the prizes.
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    Budgie's journey ends

    Hello everyone, Earlier today, Budgie ended up on the KZ Global ban list. After looking at the ban information, and verifying with one of the KZ global admins, it was clear that the ban was obtained while playing on our KZ server, and that it was in fact an injected cheat. Budgie will therefor be demoted from his Admin rank, and permanently banned from the servers. We want to thank Budgie for his (long) service, but the journey at ENW ends here.
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    Hello I've decided to retirement myself , since i talked with medez and joram for i m doing to be demote from owner because i think i m done with my job owner since 10 years . now my energy is no longer , i know what sad for this community but medez and joram will stay as always for own ENW . I don t become ex staff but only stays as Founder , for you don t forget me ^^ .. I m happy with you all staffs and members since 10 years . Don t be shock , thanks ❤️ i let to open this topic for you can write for me
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    The most merry of Christmas Giveaways

    Seasons greetings! Hope everyone is enjoying putting on loads of weight and wasting their money in the steam sales! To those nubs in Scandinavia (and everyone else that does stuff on Christmas Eve) that have maybe already opened their presents, I hope you got whatever it was that you wanted. Speaking of what we want, we all love free stuff right? That is why Communism will always prevail - but, alas, Santa cannot offer us a worker's revolution. However, he has come bearing some sweet, sweet gifts. Up for grabs in this year's annual give away is: AWP | Asiimov (WW) Desert Eagle| Hypnotic (FN) AK-47 | Frontside Misty (MW) (Another available for VIPs only) StatTrack AWP | Phobos (FN) 2x 1 month GeoFront VIP 3x 1 month VIP 2x 3000 Credits All VIPs will automatically be added to the draw, but if you are not a VIP please like this post to get involved! I will do the draw on Boxing Day to give people a chance to see this post properly. You cannot win more than one draw! Thanks for another great year guys, whether you are staff or just a player, your time means a lot to make ENW as good as it is. Merry Christmas! Love, Medez & Schwarz
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    Well seems like I'm resigning after all
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    The end of ENW

    Hi all, After a long discussion as the owners, Schwarz, Joram and I have decided to move on from ENW. The new servers that we've been looking at won't be able to run sm_hosties, among other things, and we just don't have the time and energy to run it and set it all up again. We're all at a time in our lives where other things are becoming a priority, and we simply can't invest the time into ENW that it needs and deserves. Hence, we've decided to finally give it up. Its sad to think the community will be coming to an end. None of us can really explain how much of an impact being in Extreme Network has had on our lives. All three of us owners have been here for the best part of a decade. I personally joined when I was 13 years old, some 8 years ago. I'd like to thank everyone, on behalf of Schwarz, Joram and I, for the commitment you have all made over the years. Its been an absolutely incredible experience. I've made many, many friends and met even more cunts, but all in all its been an absolute blast. None of it would have been possible without you guys. To all our members of staff throughout the years, to everyone that played the servers, to our VIPs and our donators - you made this whole thing possible, and how grateful we are is pretty inexplicable. I've traveled to other countries and met people I'd never have even heard of without the community, like HarryS, HupHop, Dylan, Joram, Razer and all the rest of you gorgeous bastards. The servers will remain up until 15th September, at which point all of our gaming stuff will come to an end. The only thing that will remain is the Discord server, which you can continue to use as much as you like, for whatever you like. It will still be monitored by whoever sticks around, so don't think that because the community is closing you can start throwing out those racial slurs you've all be holding back. Once again, its was an absolute pleasure. Thank you for everything, Schwarz, Medez and Joram ❤️
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    Month VIP giveaway

    Hi everyone, As y'all know, the vip website is back up again! To celebrate this, I'd like to do a small giveaway for a month VIP on all servers.(5 pounds worth of credits) (Sponsored by myself) So what do you have to do in order to be eligible to win the giveaway? #1 Like this post #2 Comment on this post #3 Admins and vips are not eligible to win, you can still like and comment though! 😄 How will this give-away happen? I added 5 pounds worth of credits to my own account, which will be transferred to the winners account. I will use a random name picker, in order to make it fair and square. This give-away will end at 15th of June at 00:00 UK time. (So when the 14th of June ends) Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!
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    Christmas cheer

    In celebration of Christmas and the fact you are all disowned by your parents, I shall be Santa for you, however, my presents to all you peasants are like coal. There will be 11 winners, there will also be 10 Battle-scarred AK-redlines up for grabs and one lucky kiddo will be getting an R8 Revolver fade Fn and a key, wooohooo. I know the skins are aids, that is the point, however, money is money so do what is right and gamble what you win. And before anyone goes out of their way to say I don't own the skins, I've got them stored on opskins as you can see. https://gyazo.com/a1d5335ac160eb5aadf5b24c7c8146b7 Rolling winners on Jan 1st, got to let the banned kiddos enter as well. To enter just like or comment your choice. Happy holidays you nonces.
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    M4A4 X-RAY MW GIVEAWAY, like or comment to enter will be rolling winner tomorrow at 6pm so get in whilst you can
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    So it isn't much only like a $5 skin but no reason to complain. This giveaway is for both staff and players. To enter either leave a like or one comment, please don't go off topic just put one comment doesn't matter what and you will be entered; to pick the winner I will be entering all names into a spinner and will give the skin to whoever it lands on. GL Will be picking winner on 25th of this month
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    2 $5 skin giveaway

    You can enter to both of these here by either liking or leave a comment on this topic, please only leave a comment don't spam or quote each other as it will become an annoyance whilst looking through for everyone that has entered. This will once again be done on a spinner. Skin 1- Neon Rider Mac-10 Factory new $5.13 Skin 2- Primal Saber Ump-45 Field Tested $5.38 GL everyone. Picking winners on 26th at 8pm
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    Halloween give away!!/rotating server!!

    Happy Halloween everyone 👻, we made a lot of new changes just for that event!! We added some wonderful skins for Halloween and gave the option for VIPs to choose their joining sound song! Once you die, a ghost spawns instead of you, and we have added a Halloween map for JB! (jb_carceris_hill_v1) Much thanks to @Galaxy and @Travis:DHC: those things could not have been made without these two! We are making a giveaway to all of you guys due to your support to us! we are holding the server thanks to everyone who buys vip/donate so thank you guys for supporting the community, in the giveaway 3 lucky players will have a chance of winning a Global VIP package, in order to participate you need to only like the post and we will roll randomly 3 players GL to everyone 🙂 So you might have heard about our new rotating server coming out soon(in the incoming days). thanks to @OLE for the idea, this server will sadly replace MG, and hopefully each 1/2 weeks one of the game modes voted by you guys will take its place into the server (HG/BR, TTT, DR, Surf course maps) this week starting with DR! thanks to @Ragnarok and @Etherexl-18- for helping us! Hopefully this server gets supported so will keep running it. We would like to hear about any feedbacks you got in mind! 🎃
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    CS:GO Case Key Giveaway

    Like and comment trade link for a chance to win a cs:go case key pls don't spam. Winner will be chosen in like a week.
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    Giveaway (Yay?!)

    Gonna do this monthly. I 100% assure you I did not get this idea from Austin! Giving away AK47 Frontside Misty - £8.39 To enter just: Like the post - gonna be changing method of entry each time probably ENDS 13/6/2017, at 7:00 PM is go
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    Returning as Owner

    Comrades, I have returned from whence the fascist threat dwelled victorious, striking a grand pose with hammer and sickle in hand and a shining red star above my head. I look to my welcoming party, my brothers-in-arms from across the pond - Comrade Joram, with his capsalone and windmills, and Schwarz, with his large baguette and sexy facial hair. Upon striding forth into their arms, I pulled them close and whispered under my breath, "Comrades, I'm back." The Vanguard Party is back to its full strength comrades - may the revolution continue evermore
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    Abusing players and staff

    As everyone who is reading this knows, we have a zero tolerance policy on abuse of players and staff. Recently, I've been getting a lot of questions along the lines of "If I say it in steam chat to an admin, can you ban me for it?" In short, yes. If you come to an admin and swear at them, you're going to be getting a ban. Sure, it didn't happen on the servers or in TS, but you're still being an arsehole to a member of staff. We don't collectively put thousands of hours into ENW to be abused, so let me make this very clear: If you approach a member of staff and are rude and swear at them, or cause offence in any such way, you'll probably be banned. If you thought it was different, or if you find somewhere that we have said otherwise, consider those statements revoked as of now. If you're still wondering what will and won't result in a ban, just play it safe and don't message anything abusive to members of ENW. Many thanks, Schwarz and Medez.
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    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    It's been a great run; almost a whole year in the staff team. I had a good time. But the time to say goodbye has come... The moment you even start thinking about resigning, something is wrong. I've had this feeling these last weeks... Along with losing interest in ENW and CS:GO in general; I started playing other games, want to pursue a higher level of sports, and have some other stuff to do I'd rather not say publicly. I planned on being a staff member for longer, but plans never work out, do they? Instead of stretching it out, I thought it would be better to let someone else take my place. For the people wondering what will happen to the KZ server, don't worry! I'm not leaving it without preparation. I made sure to leave a text document (which the owners have) with all the info needed - along with a possible solution to our current problems - for the next SL. I won't be disappearing, meaning I'll still hang out on the servers and on discord from time to time. I also won't become a "toxic ex-staff", don't worry. That's about all I had to say. Farewell
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    Christmas giveaway

    What, you thought that because I resigned as admin-leader I wouldn't be doing the best event of the year (COUGH)? I live for this shit boi (YEEAAAAH BOIIIIIIII) To enter you must comment: "<3 weebs <3" Winner receives any steam game by choice which must be 20 euros (17,75 pounds) or less. I'll announce the winner on Boxing Day! (26th December)
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    Because the server crash I need to do my giveaway again Like (cause I'm a like whore) to enter Prize: 100 P250 Sand Dunes
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    And Now Cloud's Watch Is Ended

    Hi all, Just to let you know I'll be resigning from Admin Leader because as you may have noticed, I haven't been too active lately on the servers - and Harry has been doing most of the Admin Leader duties, so respect to him. I thought things would clear up over summer and I'd be more active, but I don't really have any interest in many of the servers anymore. I'm also still busy, and will remain busy for the foreseeable future with work, uni applications, school stuff, and personal life, hence, I don't think it's fair that I stay in this position. Thanks all for the good times, I will still try to be part of the community on the forums and occasionally in-game but I will probably be winding down a little. Love you all, Cloud x
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    My run has come to an end x

    As some of you may of noticed, my activity on the servers and forums has dropped dramatically. I don't know if any of you have heard of Fortnite (Small game) but that game is sat at the top for me right now leading to me losing interest in CS:GO. I guess this is a farewell to my fellow children, I may be back another day, who knows. I love (most of) you! Don't miss me too much x
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    Promotions (AL & SL)

    Congratulations to @Dankhus, our new Admin Leader and @Zeroh, our new Jailbreak Server Leader! Do us well ladies! Can't wait for the memes
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    DarkRP Launch

    Presents a new take on DarkRP Launching at 9am GMT Sunday 14th January with a massive bonus to gains and lots of chances to win VIP and other fantastic prizes - you can join us by typing: "connect" into console!
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    Medez's resignation

    Hello, I sadly have to announce that @mEDeZ will temporary be stepping down as owner due to personal reasons. In the meanwhile, I will replace him as owner. As soon as @mEDeZ's situation has cleared up, he will retake the owner position. Other than me getting a new tag, nothing much is going to change. I will keep maintaining the website, databases, etc. With being owner, I will also take on @mEDeZ's old responsibilities. Such as creating events, taking care of the back end of the community and boss around. I want to thank @mEDeZ for all that he’s done, and I hope he will be back soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to PM me or reply in this post. Regards, Joram and Schwarz
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    Congratulations to @Aquaa, you have been accepted as a Server Admin. Good luck!
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    AK-47 REDLINE FT $7.27 Normal way to enter, either like or comment GL to all that enter
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    CSGO Bad Knife Giveaway

    How to Enter: Post a number between 1-50, make sure the number hasn't already been chosen Rules: YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 POSTS ON THE FORUM The winner will be drawn in 48hrs or after 50 people have entered. Liking the post is not needed, but highly appreciated. I know its bad but its a free knife right?
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    Congratulations to @Pride, @Kenolt and @Ruizu on becoming Admin. We look forward to your service.
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    Our previous Admin Leader Riri has been demoted. She has done a lot for the community and for that we are grateful. ENW grows more and more with each passing month, and as such we are always looking for new staff members to join our team. Thanks, Schwarz, Medez & Joram
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    A fine eve, please like the fourth comment of this thread to enter the giveaway I announce the winners sometime fuck off zeroh
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    Resignation of Lare

    I've spoken to Lare today, and as he previously informed us that he was falling out with CS:GO, it's still the case currently, so he's decided to step down from his position as Admin. I think we can all thank Lare for his time at the community and the extra work he's put in like making MG maps dedicated to ENW. Thanks, and farewell Lare.
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    Lumi's resignation

    Few other reasons is down to my mental health and how the communities response to me doesn't help that at all, UCAS is getting in the way, alevels are also being a bitch so yeah anxiety currently getting the better of me recently and I just wanna take all bits off weight off my chest. I respect that ruizu didn't mention these as they may be seen as more personal but I think people should know where I've gone if I don't come back to the servers
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    Unfortunately we're going to have to let @Skillinzo go as a moderator. Thank you for your work over the last period of time! Keep in mind that ENW is always looking for new staff members to introduce to our team, if you meet the requirements, feel free to apply for moderator! - The Leadership Team
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    Back Deathrun

    Hello Since I removed server Deathrun cause unpopular but there are other problem , cause lot of maps are bad and gone store then made leave the players . I clean up it 260 maps to 60 maps . there are only good maps Deathrun , We can to try back popular same last year , we can always to hope :) There are plugins "more faster timer" , you can to run until kill T , you will get timer more faster killer each map , type !wr . IP is the same as before IP : report? tell me .. Why back server deathrun? Because many players and me missed much this server since 2011 . We are drug with this server ps : don't dream to become Server Leader because I'm server leader DR . it s busy
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    Oggy has been accepted as an admin on our servers, he has shown to be a valuable asset to our community. Congratz.Sir.
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    Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle Giveaway

    Like my post and comment anything below for the chance to win a ton of weaboo games! I got the games as a gift but I'm not weaboo enough to touch them so I'm giving them away! Here's the grand prize (the FULL bundle): https://www.humblebundle.com/hunie-sakura-bundle Winner will be drawn tomorrow evening, or wednesday evening if not enough entrants.
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    New Jailbreak Server Leader

    @Riri is the new jailbreak server leader, i'm sure you all know her. I know she wants to change quite a lot so expect updates on the jailbreak thread. Congratulations Riri/starfall.
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    Hey all, I thought I'd just make a post congratulating @Dankhus on becoming KZ climb Server Leader We're always looking for Moderators - if you think you have what it takes to improve ENW, we urge you to apply! Cheers, The Leadership Team
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    'Tis a day o' mourning comrades. It has been a long time coming, but after long-term inactivity @Razer will no longer be a part of the community. Sadly he no longer has an interest in CSGO and so will not be coming back anytime soon. Weird to think that we joined the community together almost 3 years ago and now he is leaving. All the best to you in the future, you sexy ginger beast. Cheers, Medez
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    Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (MW)

    ★ Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (MW) ★ TO ENTER YOU MUST: - Like this post! - Comment Your Trade URL You can find it here https://gyazo.com/21cc88bb387e275b9f33a4af4b512050 Winner will be drawn on 05/07/2017 (No I am not doing this for likes or +1's) Edit: Changed the drawing date won't be able to roll on the previous date (12/07/2017) Edit of the Edit: I decided to draw now It now reason: no time
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    A change in ENW & promotions

    Hey guys, brothers and comrades alike, Today, we'll begin the process of shuffling around ENW. It should be a smooth transition starting next week, but I thought I'd let you all know about what's happening in advance. We'll be changing the hierarchy of the community by introducing some new ranks. @Pruppet made a lovely little diagram that I'll use to show the change: So, new applicants to join the ENW staff team will join as Server Moderators. Moderators will have access to essential commands like kick, ban, slay and so on. An application will be judged by Admins and above, like we have with our +1 or -1 system at the moment. For now, Moderators will not be able to give their recommendation for new applicants. After a certain amount of time, Moderators will be able to apply for Admin. This application will go straight to the Senior Admins and Admin Leaders for consideration, and they will come to a decision. We have done this to prevent newer admins being able to help a lot of others get powers in our community and on our servers, like we have sort of seen happening as of late. Admins will have full access to admin commands like they do now, including things like noclip, drugs and so on. Server Leaders will now be joined by Senior Admins. Senior Admins will assist Admin Leaders and take a leading role in our ever growing staff role. There will be 2 places at this position- soon the Admin Team will vote on one of the Senior Admins, but the other has been decided by the Leadership Team. Senior Admins will deal with the Player Reports that come in on the forums, get to know new admins and spend time teaching them/monitoring them during their trial period. Server Leaders will not be changing their duties. And finally, @Cloud will be joined by another Admin Leader, like ENW was structured around a year ago. They will also be joining the Leadership Team. Congratulations are in order for our newest addition to the Leadership Team @HarryS. He has been here for many years and has time and again proven how dedicated he is to ENW. Good luck to him as the new Admin Leader! Also, congratulations to @Budgie, who has decided to hop across to become our first Senior Admin. He has spent thousands of hours playing and helping to build the community and is an excellent role model for new and old members of staff alike. As I said, the majority of the work will begin next week. We all need to come together in this time, as both staff and players, to make ENW better. Many thanks, Schwarz and Medez. Red salute comrades ☭☭
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    The Send Off This Weekend!

    Hey all, This coming Saturday and Sunday will be our official send off days, where we will be unbanning most players and cranking the max server slots up. We will be shutting down all servers other than JB and Surf Combat, on which we will put the player cap to around 50 for each one. We want everyone to come together for one final bash on our most popular servers and celebrate what have been some great years with ENW. We'll be throwing some random shit in there too, so it'll be a fun time. Hope to see you there! Love, Medez ❤️
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    I m back as owner , same before . And galaxy is too back . I want him . Reason : many things thanks
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    Hi all, As you might have noticed, the forums have been down for a while. This was largely to do with a problem concerning support, but also it allowed @Joram time to work on improving the site and creating the landing page. A breach in security sparked this downtime, but we have remedied the situation along with our site and database hosts. Concerning your data, I can assure you that there is no cause for concern. I will be looking at running a community event in June. If you have any ideas as to what you would like it to be, please message me here on the forums or through discord. Something tells me we're going to be doing another 5v5 tournament, though. Thanks for your patience during this time and for your continued support. Thanks, Schwarz, Medez and Joram
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    Hello, We recently had some downtime due to technical issues concerning a previous member of staff, but now all of these issues have been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Concerning the security of your personal information, Extreme Network ensures that all data is encrypted. It is not possible for anything to have been stolen or irreversibly changed. There will, over the coming days, be more repairs and fixes being done, such as with our ctbans web view. We appreciate your patience at this time. Thanks, Schwarz, Medez & Joram
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    The tale of Snrlax comes to an end.

    Thankyou for the kind words Harry glad to have been part of the community and sad to see myself lose interest in the game. I will miss you all. Farewell brothers, I shall return one day.
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    Its about time

    @Pruppet has been promoted to developer, he will only be a developer and not take a role in the leadership team, unlike Kriss and Joram. He will also get elevated server permissions. Congratulations to him
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    Forum - Rules

    Forum Rules You must only speak English. Do not use the shout box to discuss bans, please create a thread here using the format here. No racism, discrimination, harassment or disrespect towards other users. No inappropriate profile pictures, cover photos or signatures. Do not advertise any other game servers, websites or communities. Do not bump a dead topic unless absolutely necessary, long running topics are fine such as the music thread (use common sense to determine the status of a thread). Do not discuss software piracy, hacking, illegal material, linking to these activities will not be tolerated. Do not post any personal information about any users, this includes but is not limited to IPs, social media links and pictures. Do not reply to multiple people in different posts, include all in one post with multiple quotes or use the @ function to notify the user. Do not ignore staff members. Alternate accounts are not permitted in any form. Rules are subject to change at any time. Please make sure you are aware of the rules and abide by them at all times on our network.
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