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    Update of Extreme-Network

    [HnS] New plugin!! Thanks to bagout, my idea of hns having holdable weapons has now come to be. To use: type !guns, choose a weapon and you will be given that weapon starting the round after. (this feature is exclusive to vip’s only)
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    Update of Extreme-Network

    Changes to the map pool have been made and the new map list is: surf_10x_remix_karma_b3 surf_bigloop_enw surf_buck-wild_nf_v4 surf_buzzkill2_csgo2 surf_castle_enw surf_colos2_nf surf_dust2_zoom_v5 surf_fusion_enw surf_japan_ptad_enw surf_ski_enw surf_skyscraper_v3_pk VIP Shop: Added custom AWP skins Removed custom player models I am also going to change the mm rank values. Before I made changes to the server but they kept changing back however we’ve sorted that issue out now so surf should be operating smoothly from now on! Also, if anyone wants any changes to be made, make a suggestion in #suggestions in the discord server. Make sure to join surf combat on
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