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    Update of Extreme-Network

    Jailbreak server update. Added 2 none models for purchase with credits for all players on the server, although they cost abit. Spy from team fortress 2 Halo red version ------- Recreated a small plugin from 1.6 to csgo the following plugin can only be used by an admin. The admin will execute a command then turn a player into the "Frog Pepe" and the sound "i am an idiot" will only play to the person it got executed on. It will only be used in special cases such as in "Trivia" the winner can pick the "Pepe" among the losers. When becoming the Pepe you can only knife during the round, you cannot pick up guns, you will turn into a Pepe Model during the round with a glowing effect. We will test this for the next week and see how it goes if its either fun, entertaining or its rather useless during the gameplay. Nothing will be kept unless the community wants it!
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    Surf Combat - Rules

    Short lived rule Do not kill in buy zone has been removed due to the fact that too many problems are being caused and people abusing it. Maybe implemented later when proper plugin is set up.
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    Update of Extreme-Network

    All Servers Added vip songs 60fps daisuke Dave - Funky Friday Lil Skies - Lust GOLD - BROCKHAMPTON Back in the days TWICE "LIKEY" M/V Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
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