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Silence appeal

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Your in-game name: Blowah
Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:553708114
Which admin banned you?: Not an admin. It is a mod, (purpl)
What is the ban length?: 1440 Mins (86400 seconds)
Why were you banned?: I was banned apparently for "Stop talking weird about kids". 
Why should you be unbanned?:First of all, when drudda said hi to purpl. Purpl replied with the strangest and some what pedophile like "hello". And it sounded completely weird. Then i said "Purpl and drudda having orgasm lesson" And purpl immediatly muted me for 86400 seconds. I found this mute and gag unfair is because i said it in chat. So I should be gagged not muted. And it shouldnt be a 1 day silence. I had no pre-warning what so ever and purpl just likes kids.

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Hello, Blueyd


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please wait while we are reviewing your appeal.


Thank you.



The Leadership Team

~ Extreme Network ~

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