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Fat Bulk Endeavour

Hoods ban appeal

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Your in-game name: Hood
Your SteamID: on forums
Which admin banned you?: Fya
What is the ban length?: 3 months (extended from like 2 days or some shit)
Why were you banned?: constant evading 
Why should you be unbanned?: Firstly hood was only banned for afew days if that as the first ban which was for speaking polish.

He was later "accused" of evading on jailbreak but from what i know, there is no proof that hood has actually evaded more than the 2 alt accounts that were banned by sourcesleuth. Hood believes he should be unbanned or have his ban reduced to 1 day because from my understanding admins cant ban without proof so no proof no ban. 

Just because there is a lvl 1 account on the server it does not mean it is automatically hood. Hood therefore needs to be unbanned swiftly because he has had to firm over a week already.


I am making the appeal for him because he doesnt have access to his forum and email at the moment.

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