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GMOD - DarkRP Rules

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Failure to follow these rules WILL result in a ban/kick/warn.



General Rules


Do not loophole rules.

Do not RDM (Random Death Match)

Do not RDA (Random Arresting)

Do not break FearRP. (If you're being mugged, or held at gunpoint, you must fear for your life. You can not pull out guns and kill the player holding you at gunpoint.)

Do not Metagame (Using outside information for in game info)
Do not Abuse Props (Prop Climb, Prop Kill, Prop Block Etc.)
Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) (You may not return to your point of death for 5 minutes, you forget everything what happened during the time of your death.)
During PD Raids, NLR does not apply to Cops.
Do not spam the chat, or micspam.
No toxicity, using racial slurs. (common sense)
Do not break FailRP. (Raiding people as the wrong job, owning printers as the Government, etc.)
Staff has the final word. Do not argue with staff.

Use common sense.


Raiding, Mugging, RP Rules

You do not need to advert raid, but you do need to advert mugs.
You don't have to advert assists aswell. (Might be subject to change later on.)
You need to advert PD Raids.
There is a 10 minute raid cooldown between raids. Raiding the same base has a 30 minute cooldown.
Maximum mugging amount is $5000.

You can mug the same person every 20 minutes. Mugging different people has a 10 minute cooldown.
While being mugged/ kidnapped/ raided you MUST follow FearRP.

If someone is annoying you/following you, you can /advert warns. You need to warn the person 3 times before you can KOS them.


Government Official Rules


Government officials are only allowed to base in the PD. 
You must have a warrant to search a residence or player for contraband/Weapon check (Illegal items). 
You must do /advert Police/CP Raid when conducting a raid.
Government officials may not hire personal guards/medics/citizens etc to guard the PD/etc.
Government officials may defend each other if the other is being shot.
Government Officials may only party with other government officials.
Government officials may not take over or participate in gang territory takeovers.
CP may arrest anyone at any time (even with no mayor) if they see illegal activities. 
You may not unarrest anyone unless told by/are the mayor. If there is no mayor present then you may unarrest anyone you like.
You can NOT restrict weapon usage of a citizen with a gun license.
You must try to arrest before killing anybody, this includes but is not limited to CP Raids.
Checkpoints/Tolls are allowed so long as people can get through it. (Max toll may be 5k)
Checkpoints/Tolls may only be infront of PD. (Max fading doors are 3)

The guns in the jobs that people spawn with ARE NOT illegal. You can not arrest people for guns they spawn with.


Building/Basing Rules


All default properties are behind purchasable doors, but may extend up to sidewalk/road .
No one besides hobos/merchants may build on the sidewalk. Hobo's may build slightly on street. 
Each normal fading door must have keypads placed VISIBLY near the door. Each lasting a minimum of 5 seconds.

You can have a maximum of 5 fading doors as entrances. (Shooting windows excluded.)
You may not place no collide props in or around entrance fading doors.
You must be able to lock-pick and keypad crack through an entire base.
Entrances are to be clear and obvious. Hidden entrances are not allowed.
Roof bases must have a clear and simple ramp leading up to the roof, the ramp must be at least 1 player wide.
All Keypads/Buttons must have a purpose. (no fake keypads)
You may not have tunnels that lead to NPCs to sell weed, fuel, etc.
You can not base underwater.
Text screens must be visible at all times. If a staff member asks you to remove or change a text screen, you must remove/change it.
When owning a base it is considered to be private property. This excludes shops, as those are considered to be open to the public.
Roof bases are allowed, but must be above your property only.
You may not use no-collided walk-in props or props where you can walk in and not receive damage.
You may not base on/cut off roads. You may not base in/cut off tunnels leading to other parts of the map. You may base in dead-end tunnels.
Blackout bases are not allowed. (Blackout bases are defined as bases with no direction once entered. The entrance and exit must be clearly visible at all times.)
Raiders must only need to lockpick five fading doors max to reach all base raidables. Any fading doors that do not hinder raiders movement are not counted toward this limit
Crouch, jump, parkour, puzzle, or maze bases are not allowed. Your base must have a simple entrance with no advantages.
Hobos are the only job to build on the sidewalks/fountain/in tunnels. You may not block access to property, entities, NPCs, etc. Structures too large may be requested to be removed by staff members.
Structures found to be too large may be requested to be removed by staff members.
KOS Signs advise players where your property line is. Ramps, stairs or alleyways are REQUIRED to have KOS signs. KOS signs may not include: loitering, talking, looking at a base, shooting at the base, being annoying, etc.
KOS Signs MUST BE visible. You can not make it dark and hard to see.
"Building" signs protect a house from being raided. You may not contain raidables in your home while under a "Building" sign.
One-way shooting is not allowed (Shooting from positions a perpetrator cannot shoot you back from) One-way VIEWING is allowed (Walls that are see-through)
You may not FDA/Fading Door Abuse. (Using your fading door binds in an RP situation)


Job Rules


Citizen Category jobs are not allowed to raid, or print. (Except dealers.)



You cannot own guns.

You may own property.

You may not raid, mug, or do anything illegal.



Thieves/Criminals can raid,mug,steal print. (Criminal category jobs are below)

You have to /advert steal if you're stealing something. (No need to advert steal in raids)


Fuel Refiner

You may build around your station.
You may only occupy two hole at one time



You may not carry out anything larger than a pistol.
You must build a small shack on the side of the road.
You may not own/store any valuables of any kind.
Props may not block NPCs, doorways, entrances to bases, etc.
You may not place your shack near anyone's property. (This is to keep noise level down from others basing)



You may only base in the PD.
You may have checkpoints in the PD to check for illegal items/weapons.
You may call for PD backup during a PD raid if you are still alive. CP may return to an area after being called for backup only once.
Laws may not conflict with server rules.
Bail may only be up to $100,000.
Unarrest Batons are permanently legal and cannot be made otherwise.
You may not make KOS laws.
You may not make laws that restrict movement (No J-Walking, Crouching is AOS, etc.)
You may not make any laws that restrict speech
You may not make laws that restrict mic usage.
You may not make laws that target specific players/jobs.
You may only call a lock down for public safety, you can not call lock downs for pd raids.
You may not remove someone's license unless stated in a law of how they would get it removed.


You must actively sell products. (Unless you're AFK.)
You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc.
You must have a KOS sign stating your reasons for KOS. 


Criminal Category jobs are allowed to raid, mug, print etc. (Except Dealers, and hitmen.)

Jobs that ARE allowed to raid, print, etc. are:

All thieves, Hacker, Gangster, Mob Boss, Private Military (if they are hired to do so), Heavy Raider (can't print), Weeaboo, Femboy, and Psychopath.



Terrorist and Terrorist Leader

You can only terror every 30 minutes.

Only the Leader can advert terror.

During terror, you can RDM and blow up people as long as your Leader is alive, OR it has been 10 minutes since the advert.



You take hits from your tablet. (Hits are requested through payphone on the map)

You can raid your targets.

You can be arrested if you're taking hits in the public and if the cops see you doing so.


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