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Surprising announcement?

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Hi all, to some of you this might not come as a shock.


The past few days i've been busy to sort out a deal with the previous owners of Cosmic (kenolt, Bagout and Jamie)
I thought it'd be a good decision to acquire both communities under my own lead and merge the both communities together.
This means that Cosmic's servers will be shut down but the community will move towards ENW.

This means that I WILL remain in the governing body!!! (Owner)


For the previous owners of cosmic, the following roles will be theirs within the merged community of ENW and Cosmic:

Kenolt: Owner
Bagout: Owner
Jamie: Developer


The reason that Jamie has been brought down to developer is due to his past experiences with ENW and Cosmic.
Also, the previous owners (Leon and Randy) asked me to not do this, which I agree with, but Jamie is also aware of his leading abilities.
In general, we are of the opinion that Jamie is not capable of the owner role, he is aware of this and will be actively working on becoming better in all regards.


I myself will be the governing body over the community aswell, thus Kenolt and Bagout will be joining me in the role of owner.

For further questions, please PM me. If I deem this something more people should be aware of, I will add it as a message underneath this one.

For the staff of Cosmic, the previous owners have suggested that we move over 2 staff members and 2 developers of the cosmic community.
We will be having talks with these 2 staff members of Cosmic and handle their merge accordingly (If they accept the merge offer that is)

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