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Unban( it's the second time I do this)

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My in-game name: My in-game name is ✪Momo10
My SteamID: My steamID is STEAM_1:0:225872884
Which admin banned me?: There is no admin that banned me but I got banned from the console
What is the ban length?: The ban lenght is permanent
Why were you banned?: I got banned from the console without using any cheat (the only app I use in my background is RazeCortex that day I don't know if that will helps you) the console don't detected any app in background (because I don't have :D) but my bhop accuracy was to good( that's what a player say to me after I understand) so the console banned me.
Why should you be unbanned?: I want to get unbanned because I played in that server a lot and people are very nice ( and i got player models xd) and my experience with your server is pretty good and that server is not lagging ( I am in Tunisia), I can confirm you that i don't use any cheat or anythinkg I understand that maybe you trust your anti cheat but sometimes you have to give people a chance Thx for reading this and have a good day =)

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Hello, Momo10


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please wait while we are reviewing your appeal.


Thank you.



The Leadership Team

~ Extreme Network ~

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