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Sponsorship/Reworked servers

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Running ENW is quite costly and isn't financially lucrative (yet 🙄),  we decided to team up with ZAP which will be sponsoring us with a dedicated server we can run our servers on.

Unfortunately, the server is located in Germany, this will result in a slightly higher ping for most of our players but on the bright side we will be able to keep ENW running for longer.

As the machine is new the IPs have changed as follows:

  • Jailbreak 
  • Surf Combat
  • Retakes #1
  • Retakes #2

The jailbreak server includes a new system, feedback on the system or anything else that you believe can make ENW better is more than welcome, feel free to leave it on this post.

ZAP is a hosting provider which rents games servers/vps/dedicated servers and much more, if you're interested in renting your own server for a cheap price make sure to visit extreme-network.net/zap and use code: enwcsgo-a-5296 to receive 10% off any purchase (including recurring payments).

If you're interested in supporting the community you can purchase VIP here: extreme-network.net/vip/

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