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JB maps

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For some reason Mikey can't post in here so i'm gonna do this post. 


ANYWAY... with the development of the new zones plugin myself and Mikey will need to set up all working zones for games and such in each map and it is pointless doing so on maps which aren't played on so down below please voice your opinions on which maps you want to see removed/any new maps we can look in to adding for you guys 🙂 

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All current maps in rotation can be found here


If you have the time please go through the following 2 polls and see if there are maps that you'd like to see added / know maps by name that you think are fun to play. If you don't know a map name you could type over the name in google and it'll show up on Gamebanana.

Strawpoll 1

Strawpoll 2

(2 polls because there was a limit of 50)



If there are maps in the current rotation that aren't being played and you'd like to see them removed, please make a comment about them, as well as if there are maps that aren't in the strawpoll that you think should be added.

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