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Selling the community.

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Exactly 1 year ago we purchased the Owner role to keep the servers alive, we tried our best at doing so and I think we did manage to keep the community alive for nearly a year thanks to you guys and our staff steam, but now @Kurama and @alligator have to go to the army and I need to go to college soon, by now we have lost motivation to keep being owners, and with us being busy in the future it will get even worse, so right now we are looking to sell the whole community, it includes everything: discord, servers, steam group, forums, gameme, all plugins etc....

If you are intrested in buying the community or just to know such more details make sure to approach to me via one of the options below, price will be discussed in pm's.
Add me on discord: Ruizu#3483

Add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198276907793/

PM me on forums.

It would be better if you post down here that you approached me via one of the options below in case I didn't pay attention.


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